7 heavens nail polish remover

Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover and Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover were a huge hit and they still are, of course. But spending INR 400/- or 899/- on a nail enamel remover is something I don’t find worthy. I would rather put some more money and get myself a good lippie 😀 . I even did a DIY on how you can make a dip-in nail enamel remover for yourself at home in an easy-peasy way with things easily available in household. I visit beauty stores frequently to see what’s hitting market so that I am well-updated 😛 . During one of my recent visits, the SA offered me this dip-in remover by 7 Heaven’s, I was well aware of 7 Heavens as my cousin had picked some lipsticks from them and she was a happy user. This was going to be my one and only purchase from this brand, and since it was a nail product I didn’t give much thought before buying it. I am not sure about the number of variants available, but there were 3 in that store- Lemon, blueberry and strawberry. I picked the Strawberry one for myself and have used it enough to put my review before you all, keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –

Reviewwali7HeavensRemover001Usage Instructions- Put your finger nail into the foam and twist your finger left and right. Wait for a moment, take out your finger and wipe it clean.Reviewwali7HeavensRemover005Price- Varies from INR 75/- to 200/- (I got it for INR 85/-and my friend got it for 75/-)

My Take on 7 Heaven’s Nail Polish Remover “Strawberry”- Let’s start off with the packaging, this comes in fat glass bottle packaging with screw cap. The strawberry variant has got light red sponge and red colored cap to go well with the variant’s name. Usage instructions and other product information are mentioned on the glass bottle (I tried capturing tht on my camera but I couldn’t).Reviewwali7HeavensRemover003I am head over heels with its performance- It clears off regular nail color in just one proper dip and twist of 4-5 seconds. It takes few extra seconds for glitter based nail colors but effectively removes that too, for confetti based nail colors I didn’t find it effective enough (It takes off the color but the tiny particles don’t come off). But even then I am totally amazed by the way how it works, my life is so easy with this in my kitty. I now don’t have to find cotton pads/rounds, pour the nail color, and rub until the polish clears off; I just unscrew it, dip in my finger and twist a little and OMG it vanishes off like it wasn’t there ever. It suits me well with no signs of skin irritation. This nail enamel remover doesn’t leave whiteness on my nails and cuticles, it in fact imparts a healthy shine. It leaves a sweet scent on my nails and I keep sniffing my nails like a dog 😛 .Reviewwali7HeavensRemover002They do not come with price tags, so there are good chances of being charged high as every vendor is quoting their own prices. Since it was my first purchase from this brand, I had no clue regarding their prices. When I asked the SA about the price she quoted 85/-, I was like okay pack it for me but as soon as I returned home and checked its price online, it left me shocked.Reviewwali7HeavensRemover004I do use traditional nail color removers myself but this dip-in one is so less time-consuming and takes off the nail color in just a matter of few seconds. I love how mess-free it is; the bottle is bit bulky for travelling purpose but for something this awesome, I can manage space in my luggage 😛