pregnant women in pink gown

Congratulations Lady!! Now when you are expecting, you might be undergoing hell number of physical and emotional changes. Experiencing blues one minute while on cloud nine the very next minute! Anxiousness, nervousness, happiness or gloominess, there are a number of emotions flooding in your heart, soul, and mind during pregnancy. Right girl? So it’s time that you take a deep breath and relax!

Being a new mommy of a 14-month-old, I can freshly relate to your state of mind and body. Amongst all the sudden changes coming in your life, you tend to forget about taking care of yourself. Yes! I am talking about you and not just the baby inside. Smile! Because we are here to remind you how you can still remember thinking of yourself (along with your little soul).1. Dress Up For Yourself! – For one second (at least) you might have thought for how long you will be able to fit in those shimmery sequence dresses that adore your wardrobe! Don’t think much. Grab your favorite outfit and dress up for yourself and go date with your husband as and when possible! This will help you spend quality time with your husband dear.

2. Go Hit The Beauty Salon- Getting pampered is every girl’s birthright! 😉 Go visit your beautician (or get home service) and be the queen with lots of pampering being given. Facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa, get them done and feel relaxed.

3. Yoga For You And The Baby- Mild exercises and yoga is always a good option for you when you are expecting. Morning or evening walks will not only help you maintain a good physical health but will also give you lots of positivity for the new journey begun. Watch the birds, meet new people, and soak in the fresh air and FEEL POSITIVE!

4. Go Shopping! – I know that bought a smile on your pretty face. Didn’t it? 😉 Shopping is the key to all the happiness we want and especially when you have enough of reasons to do so. Grab some beautiful maternity wear for yourself. Also, spare some room in your wardrobe for the little one coming. Trust me, you won’t be able to shop for her later. So get some beautiful, cozy outfits for your baby coming. It will be immense pleasure simply holding those tiny pairs of socks or nappies in your hands.

5. Eat And Drink To Your Heart Out- When I say drink I am absolutely NOT talking about alcohol. Consume lots of fluids like coconut water, juices, soups and whatever pleases your buds. If not stop, then reduce consumption of caffeine in any form. Eat whatever you wish to and eat as much as you want. You do not need to be a figure-conscious lady.

6. Pursue Your Hobbies- I love painting, and I made sure I painted whenever possible during my pregnancy. Pursue a hobby. You might expertise it in the nine months of the journey!

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing to happen. Have a look here at the best ways to take  pregnancy tests at home. Stay calm, stay positive and stay healthy. And you look prettier with that smile on. So keep smiling. 🙂 You can check out CheckPregnancy for detailed information on Baby, Health, Parenting and much more.Image Source- 1 , 2