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Bright shades are for summers and springs. There can be no denial to that. But how about bringing your bright shining side out this winter season? Here are few cool color combination ideas you must try this winters for a jaw-dropping response.

1. Poppy Blazers- Let your office hours be no more boring. Try out a few of the solid colored blazers and bring spark and funk to your workplace. Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue are a few shades you can go for. Don’t forget to keep the rest of it (makeup and accessories) simple to keep the look balanced.2. Go Skivvi-ing- Skivvies have never been out of fashion. They are as much cozy and comfortable as they are smart and attractive. Bright colored skivvies can be teamed well with jackets, skirts, pants and what not! Be creative, be imaginative and you can get the best of your colorful skivvy!

3. Muffler-ed Right- A bright bold muffler can brighten not just your look but your day too! Magenta, Red, Purple or Pink, go get your pick girl! Pair it up with subtle winter caps and pullovers and you are set to go for a casual family outing.

4. “Pant” The Town Red!- A bold colored pant might remind you of those 90s tracks filming Govinda and Karishma! But trust me, the can be really cool if paired in the smartest ways. You may go for a bright colored pant complemented well with white (preferably) shirt/ top and accessorized well. Go paint the town red girl!

5. Dress Up Bright- A colorful winter dress is a right choice to make to bring out the colorful you! Mustard Yellow or Navy Blue is a couple of the smartest choices to make. You may go for bright lipstick with rest of the makeup minimum to complete the look. Boot them right and you’re good to go!Bright colors are a source of positivity, I believe. So spread the vibes of positive energy with these bright colors this winter season. Get a makeover of your wardrobe done and you go rise and shine!

Tell us your favorite winter bright colored look mentioned here. Also, do let us know any other way of styling a bright color this season in the comments section below. We love to hear and you know that. For any fashion or styling query too, we are just a comment away!

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