winkies chocolate walnut cake

I know you missed my posts and it was really nice to have some of my co-bloggers and readers connecting to me over social media asking my whereabouts 🙂 . I was completely sidetracked by few important things in life which were of course, of higher priority. While I was busy in all this, I forgot my laptop’s password 😛 and ended up creating a lot of trouble for people around ;-). I’ll try to be regular from today onwards, I Promise! 😀 . Keeping these things aside, let’s start up with something sweet after this hiatus. Today, I am reviewing Winkies Chocolate Walnut Cake, this review is pending since really long. Keep reading to know how I found it 🙂 –  ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake001Price- INR 100/- for 275 gmReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake002About- Rich, moist cake made with dark chocolate. With an abundance of walnut pieces to add to your delight. Bliss, isn’t it?

Nutritional Information-ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake003My Take on Winkies Chocolate Walnut Cake- “Chocolate”, a thing that makes most of us drool just by it’s thought 😛 . I am a big lover of walnuts, let me tell you. I can munch on handful of them really quick; they are extremely beneficial as well as yummy (here’s my point of having them 😉 ). Winkies Chocolate walnut cake is a combination of chocolate and walnut which is delectable & does well to health too as both of the base ingredients are good for one’s health. ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake004It comes packed in cardboard packaging, it has a red non vegetarian food label under which “Contains egg only” is written. As you will open the box, you will see the Winkies Chocolate Walnut Cake wrapped in Winkies plastic wrap. A good sized plastic knife is provided along with the pack which makes slicing easy on-the-go. As you can see in the pictures, Winkies Chocolate walnut cake is topped with walnut kernels. ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake005It is easy to slice off because of the softness and freshness in sponge, while I first had it I looked for walnuts in the centre of the chocolate cake too, but they weren’t there which made it clear that only the top layer contains walnuts 🙂 . The cake is just right for my liking or for anyone who prefers balanced sweet, neither less nor too much 🙂 . For 100 bucks you get whopping 275 gm of this cake, so sharing it with friends and family isn’t really panicking :D.ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake006ReviewwaliWinkiesWalnutCake007Like, I have mentioned previously too that Winkies has got a huge range of products it will be your bad if you don’t inch yourself to try their lip smacking product range.

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