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Being a big fan of Winkies, I couldn’t miss trying out their Centre-filled muffins which are widely available and I am pretty sure you’ll find them lying in your grocery store shelf. They are basically available in 2 flavors- Chocolate and Vanilla. Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate muffins have already been reviewed on the blog, check here if you haven’t already. Today, I am reviewing Winkies Centre-filled Vanilla muffin; keep reading to know more on it 🙂 –ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin001Price- INR 10/- for 35 gmReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin002About- Mouth watering, buttery vanilla muffins, with a twist. One bite, and the  hidden vanilla cream transports you to a state of bliss.

Ingredients-ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin003My Take on Winkies Centre-Filled Vanilla Muffin- There are numbers of muffins available in market, but what caught my eye was its name and of course the representative picture 😉 . These come in small sized packets of 35gms, priced at INR 10/- each which go easy as feather on pocket. The ingredients and nutritional information is provided on the back of the packet, this one has the red food mark under which confirms the presence of eggs 🙂 . If you are vegetarian you can try their NOVO range. They come with a shelf life of 3 months, inside the package lies a plastic tray on which muffin comes placed. As I open it up, the rich and sweet aroma fills my nostrils and makes me crazy to gulp them down (they are irresistible, I tell you). They are extremely soft and delectable, I can have 3-4 of them in a row and still crave for the taste 😀 . In the centre, there is vanilla cream filling; I tried to capture it multiple times but it didn’t come out really well in pictures. Good that they come in single packs; if they came in value packs it would be tough to keep them fresh until they are finished.  ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin004ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin005ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin006I crave for these over Winkies Centre-filled chocolate muffins (personal choice 😛 ). I love chocolate but vanilla muffins are winner for me, they truly transport me to a state of bliss. With Winkies #TheCakeSpecialist , you’re spoilt for choice; they have a huge range of cakes and other delicacies. Have you tried their products? I am sure you’ll fall for them all 🙂 .  ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin007ReviewwaliWinkiesVanillaMuffin008More on Winkies-
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