When it comes to finding a prom dress that suits your frame and creates the perfect shape for you, things can get a little blurry. It’s fair to say that there are so many options and designs out there that it can start to get a little overwhelming if you haven’t done the right research.

You want to pick the perfect dress that will highlight your best features and minimise the parts of your body you may not be overly keen on. The key is creating balancing and working with what you have to bring out your best. Checking out the wide range of 2020 Sherri Hill dresses for prom can also be a great option.

Follow these key tips so you can end up successfully picking the Perfect Silhouette gown for your body shape.


Image Source: Unsplash

Firstly, Know Your Shape

Being able to identify which body shape you are will help the search for the perfect prom dress greatly. For instance, if you are below 5 foot 3, it’s likely you are going to be a petite woman. If you have a strong waist definition and have more curves, then you’ll be an hourglass. When the bust, waist and hips measure similarly, then it’s probably you will be a boxy body type. When your hips are wider than your top half, this is known as pear. When your waistline isn’t strongly defined and you have a bigger bust, this normally means you are a bustier body type. Knowing this is the first stage to the process. 

Know Which Dresses Complement Your Body Type

Embracing your body type no matter what it is essential to choosing the right dress shape for you. Know all the strong parts of your body that you should accentuate and show off. For slender body types for instance, you want to create that extra bit of shape and curves, so try wearing something tighter fitting with a defined waist and a thigh slit to widen the hips. If you are petite, you may want to appear taller so instead of too much material, go with shorter hem lines. Embellishments and finger details will also help lengthen the figure for shorter women.

Image Source: Unsplash

So as you can see, it’s all about knowing which silhouette complements your figure the most and then going from there. Once you identify your body shape, you can then narrow down your search and start looking for gowns that fit the bill.

Remember to always try things on before making a final decision. Even if you think something will suit you on the screen, it may be a different story when you try it on. So always double check in stores to get a good idea of ultimately what works with your body to create the perfect silhouette.