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Homecoming conjures up similar images throughout the country – fall, community revelry, parades, picnics, tours, alumni returning home, marching bands, the “big game” or “the crosstown rivalry” – but for many a teenage girl (and some random teenage boys), the focus is going to be on the iconic homecoming dance and the dress they’re going to wear.

Some schools have winter formals and spring fling dances, but everyone knows that the most critical and important social events of the school year will be homecoming and prom (which happens in the late spring, just as summer is about to be introduced).  And what does that mean to you, as an attendee and participant? It means you absolutely, positively, must dress the part during the Homecoming festivities and events, and, of course, at the much-anticipated, will-be-much-photographed dance. Fortunately, there are some great resources on achieving a very hot Homecoming look, starting with a short – as opposed to long dress. Check out the homecoming dresses 2016 collection and see what dress styles you like.

Before You Go Short

Between the top of your thighs to above your knee, you have some high-value real estate and you should be sure exactly where the mini or short dress or skirt of homecoming dress will “end.” You may attend a conservative school where the latter is as “high” as your hemline is going to allow, but if you have some leeway, you can experiment as to what is the most flattering length. Girls with long torsos and those with short ones will look different – and some choices will be better than others. Try on samples in front of a mirror and get a friend (or adult) you trust to help you judge.

Shoe In

Shoes play a large role in further enhancing your look.  To further elongate your legs, you can look for what style mavens call a “low-vamp” pump. As a means of comparison, a high-vamp shoe can go up to your ankles and resemble booties. A low-vamp is the opposite. Avoid too contrast-y a color, too. Take a tip from Duchess Catherine (a.k.a. Kate Middleton), who loves her low-vamp nude L.K. Bennett and Stuart Weiztman pumps. Yes, she has crazy long legs already, but the shoes just take her over the top of fashion. Avoid ankle strap sandals or shoes since they “cut-off” your legs – however, if your skirt is super-short this style might work.

Pretty Petites

Anyone of short stature will find pretty quickly that calf-length and at-the-knee length hemlines are the least flattering. But if you’re able (school rules and are armed with the confidence), then go for the shortest length you’re able. A micro-mini (paired with the above suggestions for shoes) makes your legs look model-worthy (or almost).

High Hair

A bouffant at the top or a sexy bun will also add height and look great with short dresses and skirts.sherri-hill-short-sherri_hill_11317a

Homecoming Examined

Depending on your source, the origins of Homecoming vary. But there’s one that probably the most often cited is the 1911 university football game of Kansas vs. Missouri, in which both current and alumni attend and celebrate their school. This is where school spirit comes into play, big time. You want to make your mark at the event and, of course, you want to make a great impression.

Helpful Hints

Advice can be found all over the Internet. Check out some information online on how to choose the perfect homecoming dress. Even Ebay examines the process of choosing the “Perfect Homecoming Dress” as it does in an article from last spring. Do you want to share more ideas with us? Write them down in the comment section.


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