vlcc SPF40 paraben free sun screen

Sun kissed skin is beautiful but what about the sun tanned skin? Isn’t it your biggest nightmare? With the bright sun rays penetrating and harming your skin, they leave burning sensation and tanned skin behind. With scorching sun ruining your skin, you need a layer to protect your skin from the harmful effects of those radiations. I have a sensitive combination skin. Once tanned, it becomes a big deal to get my skin back to the original state. Thus it is made sure that my skin is protected with a sunscreen later before I step out. But, not all sunscreens make me comfortable, my skin simply hates the tackiness some sunscreens leave. And to save me from this crisis is my skin’s new found love: VLCC Skin Nourishing Sun Screen Lotion – SPF 40 PA+ 🙂 .Price- INR 350/- for 100 gm

About- Over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun is responsible for skin darkening and aging. VLCC Sweat Free Sun Block Lotion SPF 40 and PA+++ provides Broad Spectrum Sun Protection against both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. A unique ‘Sweat Free’ formulation that protects the skin against sun damage thus preventing tanning and aging. Enriched with Comfrey Plant extract, its anti-irritant properties protect the skin against irritation and redness while the non-greasy formula lends a satin-smooth feel to the skin.My Take on VLCC Skin Nourishing Sun Screen Lotion SPF40 PA+++-  This skin care product comes in a bright turmeric yellow and orange (yes! The shades of sun!) tube packaging. For convenient use, it comes with a flap lid. A sunscreen can be needed at any time of day, and this packaging is apt for you to carry anywhere along.
The cream gives you SPF 40 and PA+++ provides Broad Spectrum Sun Protection against both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. For a combination to oily skin like mine, this sunscreen is a true blessing for the “sweat free formula” it gives. The comfrey plant extract not only makes it anti irritant against skin redness and irritation but also gives a light lovable fragrance! <3  With the goodness of comfrey extract, this cream not only protects but nourishes your skin deep within. The white colored cream is light on your skin and (as I mentioned earlier) doesn’t leave your skin tacky. The non-greasy formula lends a satin-smooth feel to the skin. The cream gives a good spread, the application of the product is as simple as of any other cream. Squeeze put a blob of the cream on your (clean) palm and apply it all over your (again clean!) face with your finger tips.  I generally apply sunscreen about 15-20 minutes prior stepping out in the sun and reapply after around 5 hours. Make sure to cover all the exposed area (the neck too!).  I am not sure if oily skinned people would love this sunscreen as much, because the skin nourishing formula might make their skin look super-shiny.If your skin is an easy target to harmful sun rays then you can surely give a try to this unisex, easily affordable product. If you want to give it a try first, you may opt for 50 gms pack of it, which costs 125 INR only. Also please don’t forget to post your take on the product in the comments section below. You know, we love to hear from you! 😍