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Do you often find yourself uttering the words “back in my day”, “kids these days” and “things were better back then” on a regular basis? If you have identified with at least one of the above phrases then we have some great news for you. What if you could express how much you preferred the good old days through your fashion choices – in particular, your T shirts? We thought that would get your attention! 🙂 This isn’t a pipe dream – it’s a reality thanks to a whole host of vintage T shirts that are currently doing the rounds at the moment on StyleWe. Designers have been jumping on the vintage bandwagon for many seasons, and we truly believe that nothing is quite as expressive as vintage T shirts.

Guess what? StyleWe aims to provide you with Designers at your fingertips to give you a fantastic shopping experience. They work with independent fashion designers to offer their customers high quality fashion. The fashion products listed on their website are exclusive and you just can’t close the browser’s tab before adding some products in your cart and placing your order 🙂 .


There are many ways to show the world that you are into the vintage trend. You could go trawling through vintage shops, thrift stores or even tag along to every single car boot sale happening in your area. You could alternatively shop around on the internet for some previously owned and pre-loved pieces on certain auction sites. Or you could fake it – something we are actually quite fond of. How can you fake a vintage T-shirt you ask? We believe in subtlety and tastefulness, so we think grabbing yourself a T-shirt with a logo or a slogan from the good old days is the perfect way to show your love of all things vintage, while still remaining current and on-trend. The best of both worlds, we like to think.


Perhaps you could buy a T-shirt featuring an image or the name of one of your favourite bands from the past? Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith, Blondie, AC/DC and many more rock bands have some fantastic T-shirts available right now. And they’re great conversation starters if you happen to meet someone with a similar interest while you’re out and about. Don’t be alarmed if people shout “rock on” at you while you’re minding your own business on the street. Vintage T shirts with pictures of your favourite TV shows and movies from the past are also great for the very same reason as the one we mentioned above. Kids TV show vintage T  shirts are becoming increasingly more popular on the high street and online at the moment – shows like My Little Pony and Baywatch (although not strictly a kids TV show – but we know older kids and teenagers sneaked into the living room to catch a glimpse of the ladies in those famous red swimsuits) are just two of the many that are currently on sale.MZ03067-2

So, what are you waiting for? We guarantee there will be more vintage T shirts than you expect out there, and we can promise you that your new vintage T shirt might just be your very favourite piece of clothing you own. And who knows, one day, you can pass it on to your children or pass it on to someone new, so they too can have their very own slice of the past with their very own vintage T shirt.

Not just vintage T shirts, they have a lot more in store. From dresses to jumpsuits, from tops to outerwear, from pants to skirts, from swimwear to handbags they have it all; and you are sure to fall for all that they have 🙂 . Don’t forget to check StyleWe or you’ll regret not knowing about an online shopping platform with fashion products so awesome and trendy 😉 .

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