face pack brush vega

Today’s post is going to be helpful to those who love to pamper their skin with face masks but hate the mess they have to experience while applying them. I was on a lookout for a budget brush and I happened to find a face pack brush from the house of Vega; today I am reviewing that, here’s how it fared 🙂 –Price- INR 135/-

About- This Vega Face Pack Brush is made from less absorbent bristles for the effective and even application of face pack.My Experience- Just like you, I too had a tough time dirtying my fingers and still ending up with uneven mask application. Vega Brush comes housed in a plastic wrap. There’s a card inside which holds the product information. It is probably the most affordable yet branded face pack brush available in the Indian market at the moment.

Since, Vega is an Indian brand and affordable priced it has gained popularity over the years, it can be found online and offline across almost all beauty stores and supermarkets. I own quite a few of their beauty tools and impressed with the quality considering the price. This brush looks nice, has a long white handle made up of wood, then there’s this black metal thing glued nicely to hold the bristles and handle together. The bristles look and feel good on first few applications, but they tend to get hard with more usage.

It picks up good amount of face pack and gives even application. It is easy to clean- simply dip it in water, apply some gel wash and rub lightly. The bristles have stayed intact in my case, I haven’t noticed them shedding. If your skin is sensitive, you shouldn’t pick this up any way as you may find it poking your skin 🙁 .Many of you may feel that using a brush for applying face pack may not make a difference when compared to the traditional way of application using hands. But trust me, there’s a lot of difference.

Using a brush, the face pack glides perfectly and doesn’t accumulate on few areas only. Use a face pack brush, and figure out the difference all by yourself 🙂 .

Things I like about this-

  • Looks good
  • Easily Available
  • Budget Friendly
  • Even Application

Things I dislike about this-

  • Hard Bristles

Ratings- 4/5

Wrapping it up- Considering the price, this face pack brush does its job fairly. It’s economic and helps in applying the product evenly which is not really possible with the help of fingers. Won’t be liked by sensitive skinned people.