nose ring with red lipstick

Nose Rings have become trendier than ever before. Agree? It has become a part of western look as much as the traditional look. The rings are no more restricted to the brides or married women. If nose rings have become your latest fashion obsession then you must check out these trending nose rings we have brought for you!


Bohemian Rings- Boho look is the thing of the day. From pom poms to the fringed wears, all of it has become cool enough to trend. So why not bohemian nose rings? A small ring with a delicate yet sturdy looking chain is what will give you a complete bohemian look!

Septum- Any ring (like that of Rihanna’s) can be sported well with septum piercing done. It is a promising thing to go well with all westerns including dresses and jeans. Don’t forget to update a pout selfie once the septum nose ring is done!2. THE FESTIVE LOOK

No traditional look for any festival is complete without a nose ring done right. If you are a soul who loves to experiment with fashion and trends then go for these nose rings to add the funk element to your traditional look.

Be A Stud- Not just a stud and not just a ring but a slaying combination of both. Had you checked out Sonam Kapoor’s much talked about nose ring, you must know what I am talking about. Done right with minimum makeup and subtle attire, this nose ring is to give you a complete trending yet rocking look!

The Combo- If one never satisfies you, then go for this combined look of septum and side nose ring. Remember Devasena’s look from Bahubali 2 in which she was spotted sporting this combined nose ring look? To match the festivity of Indian festivals, this nose ring can bank upon.


Hey you Bride-to-be! We’ve got enough in store for you as well! No, it’s not just that large ring we are talking about but we’ve got some more.

The Pearly Pearl- If you are planning to go for a western outfit (or even ethnic) for your cocktail sangeet then this pearly nose ring with a pearl chain will add manifolds of class and sassiness to your entire look.

Big Nose Pin- If you wish to be an outstanding bride while not following the large-nose-ring-trend then a big nose pin is your way out. You can be sure of being a sexy bride of the season!

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