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Beauty sleep isn’t just a concept but a reality! Over the years, there’s been significant debate over how many hours of sleep we need each night. However, what the majority agree on is that we all require approximately between 6 to 8 hours. I consider sleep to be crucial to my overall wellbeing as is the case for most people 🙂 .

There are times I found myself staying up all night, not getting even a single minute of shut-eye. As expected, the consequences left very little to be desired. Apart from the apparent inability to function properly, your physical and mental health is also significantly affected. What most people rarely talk about is how it affects the skin and beauty in general.Here’s what you need to know about beauty sleep-

1. Getting Quality Sleep- Did you know you will spend approximately a 1/3 of your life sleeping?

When I discovered that fact, it changed my view of sleep completely. Initially, I didn’t care much about having a schedule or the type of mattress I slept on. However, the two have a significant impact on the quality of sleep one gets.

Quality sleep is the first step in getting your beauty rest. That means that you must be sleeping on a mattress that complements your sleep needs, and also there’s a need to create a sleep routine.

2. The Circadian Rhythm- The skin, like the rest of the body, has its own circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle of physiological processes that occur in living organisms. Studies that have been done have revealed the following:

  • There’s an increase in blood flow between midnight and 4 am on the skin. That results in increases nutrient supply to skin cells and toxins removal. Skin exfoliation also increases.
  • The skins’ cell regeneration, or what is commonly referred to as cell division, is at its peak between midnight and 1 am.

The result of getting that beauty sleep thanks to the circadian rhythm is that it leaves your skin looking healthy, hence giving it a glow. You’ll have fewer wrinkles and fine lines visible, including eye bags.

3. You Won’t Look Your Age – Younger Than your True Age- As mentioned in the previous section, rest is critical to reducing the visibility of wrinkles. However, that doesn’t mean it will make deep wrinkles disappear. Sleep is crucial because it can help slow down your skin’s aging process. The body produces growth hormones that are essential for body tissue and cells repair. Studies have shown that when we sleep, that’s when the highest amounts of the growth hormone are produced. For instance, while sleeping, collagen – a protein that makes our skins strong and elastic is produced. Therefore, avoid sleeping with any makeup on as it slows down these processes.

4. Sleep and Stress- Stress is not good for the skin or even one’s mental clarity. Whenever I went for weeks without proper sleep, I often developed a foul mood which would be followed by a lot of acne. It’s been established that lack of sufficient rest can lead to depression and other mental disorders. Getting a good night’s rest will not only relieve some of the stress you can be experiencing but also help your form better relationships. Therefore, get that beauty sleep to reduce stress, form better partnerships and have healthy skin.

5. Staying Healthy- Research done has shown that not getting sufficient rest affects our health significantly. Your physical, mental and emotional health will be to some extent influenced by the quality of sleep that you receive. A good example is weight gain or loss thanks to not getting enough rest.Beauty sleep helps you stay healthy. You can also add fruits and vegetables to your diet to complement your beauty rest and keep you healthy. Beauty sleep isn’t just a concept that we think might or might not work. We need at least 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night to stay healthy.

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