the face shop lingzhi face mask

I am not someone who would always go to beauty salon for clean-ups, there are time and cost constraints that hold me back. Beauty parlour visits create hole in the pocket, plus not always we have enough time to visit them. I keep scrubs, masks, peels and related stuff handy at home for some skin-pampering sessions . If you are someone who is into skincare, you must know how popular korean beauty/skincare products are for their effectiveness. Do you know “The Face Shop” has officially launched in India, now you don’t need to place international orders with heavy shipping and custom charges. You can now simply buy The Face Shop products online at Amazon. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I have got my hands on 10 Real Nature Face Masks from The Face Shop  (my skin is going to thank me for sure) 😀 . Today, I would be reviewing(on my mom’s behalf) The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face mask, keep reading to know if it’s worth the hype or not 🙂 –reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask001Price- INR 100/-reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask004About- The mask sheet drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum with Lingzhi Extract firms and helps improve the resilience of sagging skin. Formula is without added parabens.reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask002Ingredients- WATER/EAU • BUTYLENE GLYCOL • GLYCERIN • GANODERMA LUCIDUM (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT • ALCOHOL DENAT. • TREHALOSE • PROPANEDIOL • PANTHENOL • CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE • PHENYL TRIMETHICONE • SODIUM HYALURONATE • CITRUS PARADISI (GRAPEFRUIT) FRUIT EXTRACT • DIMETHICONE • ALLANTOIN • HYDROGENATED LECITHIN • THEOBROMA CACAO (COCOA) EXTRACT • XANTHAN GUM • PEG-60 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL • CARBOMER • ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN • POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE • DISODIUM EDTA • CAPRYLHYDROXAMIC ACID • PARFUM/FRAGRANCEreviewwalitfslingzhifacemask005My Take on The Face Shop Real Nature Lingzhi Face mask- The Face Shop has launched their face masks in India- “Real Nature” and “The Solution” priced at INR 100 and INR 150 respectively. Lingzhi mask is from the “Real Nature” range, it claims to firm sagging skin. It comes in very simple grey colored matte-like packaging, it’s very light weighted. There are 2 indents on left and right side of the top portion, you just have to rip it off from there to take the mask out. The mask is off-white/light-brown in color, and comes fully drenched in serum. I have seen sheet masks drip when taken-out and in fact the serum keeps dripping on neck while the mask is on face BUT this one neither kept dripping while pulling out of the pack nor while it was placed on face. I love such masks where serum is concentrated enough so that it doesn’t separate. It smells pretty good, I couldn’t find out what to compare it with. Sorry! 😛reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask003This mask from The Face Shop is made up of Lingzhi extracts, lingzhi is a species of mushroom which is known for its miraculous health and skin benefits. This sheet mask helps in refreshing and rejuvenating skin. Since this was for firming sagging skin, who could test it better than mommy dearest? She was very excited to give it a try considering its claims, she found the quality of sheet better as compared to others she used in past. She kept it for 10-15 minutes but since it was very wet she kept it on for 10 minutes more, and pulled off the mask massaging the left-over serum all over her face. This face mask didn’t cause any skin irritation or redness, skin felt sticky but nothing complaint-worthy as it’s pretty obvious. She used it in night and washed off her face in the morning to let it work the best way. Few minutes post mask-removal skin looked healthy and nourished, there was no need of moisturization (on her normal skin). There was a healthy glow next morning but nothing much could be seen on firming skin. The healthy glow effect lasted for approximately 2 days. This face mask sheet doesn’t contain parabens 🙂 . Overall, she found it good but one usage couldn’t result into firm looking skin. It may show results on frequent usage.reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask006Sheet masks are a skincare staple. I love hoarding these and using as and when I am in need of a relaxing skincare session. Since, you don’t need to wash face post applying sheet masks, they make themselves a great travel companion. You can use them while on-the-go and reap the benefits of it without creating any damn mess, it is more of a mess-free skincare buddy. reviewwalitfslingzhifacemask007Do you love face mask sheets? Are you excited about The Face Shop coming to India? I would be reviewing a lot of products from The Face Shop in the coming days(maybe months too 😛 ) . Stay tuned! 🙂