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Has your mother ever told you about how she wore the exact same dress in her time? Or you see all your old clothes becoming trendy again, making you wish you hadn’t thrown them out? This is because fashion runs on a twenty-year cycle, on average. While the cycle is very evident in Women’s fashion, is it just as relevant in the Men’s fashion world? It most definitely is.

The 20- year cycle in men’s fashion is not prominent as in women’s fashion. It is definitely not as complete as in women’s fashion. Women’s fashion goes through a complete overhaul every few years, whereas men’s trends are more subtle. The pocket square is a great example of the almost unnoticeable cycle. Worn proudly in the Shakespearean era, the pocket square faded out, only to make a comeback in recent times in the pockets of celebrities across the globe.

Women’s Pants – an ever changing trend:
Pants in the women’s fashion world change almost every few years. From capris to bell bottoms, high waist to low, women’s jeans has a revolving door through their closets. While most pants have a few years of a good run before making way for the next trend, the jeggings trend has lasted surprisingly long. The trend was first seen in 2010 and criticized by many as one of the worst trends in fashion history. However, the trend stuck and has slowly grown to be loved by the world. Jeggings for women have been modified from skinny pants, a commonly seen trend.

Formerly worn by men and then adopted by women in the 20th century, skinny pants are not a new invention. Tight, skinny pants were first famously sported by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Funny Face back in 1957. She created quite a stir with her skin tight uniform, causing the skinny pants to catapult into women’s fashion. Little did she know that she would cause skinny pants to be a permanent fixture in women’s closets all around the world.  No wonder it is one of the most popular buys on abof.

Men’s Pants – a never changing trend:
Modern fashion for men has seen little to no change in the past few years. Some tweaks and adjustments here and there, but nothing significant. Men chose to wear the same pant a little differently, as seen by the trend in wearing their pants a little too low in the 2000’s or the cuffing of pants to show of your sneakers. However, the pants itself changed very little until chinos were introduced. Chinos changed the stagnant path which men’s pants were on. After Chinos came the joggers for men. Still, to be accepted by parts of the world, joggers have proven that they are going nowhere. Increasingly popular with men as it gives them an excellent opportunity to show off their sneakers, joggers are the hottest new buys at abof, courtesy the game-changing chinos.

While fashions come and go, the one thing one must not compromise on when selecting pants is a comfort. Browse through the range of pants for men and women on abof and pick up pieces which complement your personal style.