body shop tea tree serum

The Body Shop’s tea tree range is a boon for people who have got oily to combination skin. I absolutely swear by their tea tree range and have almost used most of their products from the range. Tea tree has worked for my skin quite well and it has worked wonders on my acne prone skin.

I bought this product when I was looking for a daily serum/solution that is not heavy on my skin and something that helps in reducing the blemishes. I bought this product and have been using for a year now andĀ I am ready to review The Body Shop Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution. Let’s see how it worked for me šŸ™‚ –

Price-Ā Rs. 1495 for 50 ml

About-Ā This lightweight daily solution helps combat blemishes and improves the overall condition of skin. Enriched with Community Trade tea tree oil, it helps skin look and feel purified, clearer and mattified, with imperfections* appearing reduced.

Packaging-Ā The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution comes in a green glass bottle with a plastic black dropper that is made of rubber. It reminds me of those ear droppers which we used to use in childhood {LOL}. Anyhow, the packaging looks classy and the rubber dropper is sturdy and of great quality.

It also controls the amount of the product you desire to use. The glass bottle looks great in your dressing table but the only con is, it is not travel-friendly. Since it’s made up of glass, I have neverĀ takenĀ it while traveling.

Texture-Ā The product has a clear watery texture that absorbs quite fast on the skin. The texture is neither oily nor sticky, it’s extremely light on the skin. SinceĀ the solution is quite light, you can even use this during Summer and it works fine. Overall I loved the texture.

Fragrance- Since this is from the tea tree range, it smells like tea tree which is neither too overpowering. It has got this fresh fragrance so people who like tea tree will definitely love the smell.

How I use it-Ā Since I have got acne-prone skin and it’sĀ combination to oilyĀ depending on the weather condition, I usually stick to tea tree range from The BodyShop. I use this solution twice a day. In the morning after using the face wash, I apply 3-4 drops on my entire face followed by a small amount of moisturiser.

It instantly gets absorbed into the skin and gives a matte finish base. So for people who do basic makeup, it acts like a matte basic to work on. In the night, I do follow CTM routine of cleaning, toning, applying this solution and then moisturising.Ā  At present, I do have a small pimple on my skin and I have directly applied the solution on it.

OMG, I have seen it reduced down and dried up in just two days. So if you have a pimple that is coming on your face, you can directly apply it using a cotton swab or directly from the pump. It is more like that tea tree oil from their range. It does reduce down the size of it and it helps in drying up it too.

How it Works-Ā This anti-imperfection daily solution is specially designed to provide a spotless, blemish-free and perfectly clear skin.Ā Enriched with Community Trade tea tree oil, it helps skin look and feel purified, clearer and mattified, with imperfections appearing reduced.

It helps in reducing the old spots and it does make the skin clearer and brighter. Though it does not help in pimple control, it works on the existing pimples.

Wrapping it up-Ā Overall I am quite satisfied with the product as it helps in reducing the existing pimples and makes skin clearer and brighter.Ā  It gives a matte base to the skin and it’s perfect for people who do makeup on a daily basis. The product comes in a 50 ml bottle that lasts long. Oh yes! I have been using it for a year now and it’s still remaining šŸ™‚ .