the body shop shea hand cream

We care about our body and lips so much during winters that we just don’t miss slathering on moisturizing lotions and lip care essentials even for a day. It’s very good to keep body nourished to prevent it from drying and turning itchy, but what about those hands that let us do everyday work? Don’t they need some pampering too? We tend to forget that hands are washed several times a day and regular moisturizers don’t suffice their moisture requirement. The skin of hands/palm is thicker than other areas and it needs heavy formula to lock in the moisture, hand creams are designed for this purpose only. I am a The Body Shop product lover and I own 2 of their hand creams- Shea and Mooring. Today, I’ll be reviewing The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream which is my skincare buddy at the moment. Keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –reviewwalitbsshea001Price- INR 350/- for 30 ml , the current price is INR 375/-

About- This caring Shea daily hand cream helps soften and protect hands with light, nutty moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. Non-greasy moisture Wonderfully light gel-cream formula Absorbs instantly.

Directions- Squeeze a small amount onto hands and massage well.reviewwalitbsshea002My Take on The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream- The Body Shop has several types of hand creams in their product range including strawberry, shea, honeymania, british rose, moringa, hemp hand protector etc. I love products with shea butter as one of its ingredient, and this was the reason I picked this one. In case you don’t know, Shea butter is well-known for its wonderful properties of improving skin condition. Coming to the packaging, it comes in tube with tiny black cap (which falls a lot 😛 ); the color of the cream is off-white. The formula is gel-cream based and absorbs quickly into skin without leaving any kind of greasiness. The fragrance is mild which would be a plus point for sensitive noses, it starts fading-off in half an hour of application. The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream provides moisture to my hands and cuticles without being overpowering, it nourishes my hands for 3 hours at max! Meanwhile, if you attempt to wash your hands even with plain water, don’t be surprised if the cream gets washed off too 😀 . Yeah it does that! 🙁reviewwalitbsshea003I’ve heard it from my friends that using good hand creams results into improved condition of hands. A hand cream should be powerful enough to protect and repair the dry and chapped skin, and make it soft and supple. It works pretty fine during other reasons but for chilly weather this doesn’t work well. Wish it came with SPF.

Swatch-reviewwalitbssheacream004Handcare is most neglected, hands do need special care too. I don’t use hand creams throughout the year but yes in winters I just can’t avoid these. Have you used The Body Shop Shea hand Cream? Is there any hand cream you’d like to recommend to me for my hands that get super-dry?

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