the body shop british rose shower gel

I am back to the blogging world after around 2 weeks, there were few things that kept me engaged but I’ll try to be regular from now on 🙂 . Summers are soon to knock the doors, and for me the best way  to stay refreshed is taking multiple showers with good bath and body products 😛 . Today, I am reviewing The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel which I picked up from TBS store recently. I am a big fan of The Body Shop shower gels, keep reading to know how this one fared on me 🙂 –Price- INR 345/-About- Awaken your skin with the irresistibly dewy scent of roses. Our cleansing Shower Gel is infused with the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain to make showering feel blooming beautiful.
– Soap-free cleanser
– Rose scented and Lather rich
– With the essence of hand-picked British rosesHow to use- Lather up in the shower daily using your hands or a bath lily. Rinse thoroughly after use.My Take on The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel- Girls share a unique connection with diamonds, and the same goes with roses! I am no different, I love roses too and the way it smelled.. I was sure to pick it.  This is amongst my first shower gel purchase after they revamped the packaging and lowered the prices, I picked the BLUEBERRY variant along with this. I was kinda bored with the previous packaging and it made me happy to see the new ones lying gracefully in shelves at TBS stores while I was on a random visit. The bottle has been given a different shape + the color of the lid has been changed from transparent to black. The color of shower gel is like lightest of pink and with just few drops it lathers up really well. I don’t own TBS bath lily so I use it with my Vega loofah.  It is a soap-free cleanser, and comes infused with the essence of hand-picked roses from Britain to make shower experiences wonderful. Whenever used, it freshens me up and fills my bathroom with the scent of fresh roses. It effectively clears dirt and grime from the skin. Considering my skin type (which is dry), I won’t use it during the winter season. It doesn’t rip off natural oils from skin and make it dry but I find it apt only for summers. The fragrance is on the milder side so it doesn’t linger for long on skin, it wears off very quick 🙁 . There’s nothing I’ve to hate about this shower gel, and by reducing prices from INR 425/- to INR 345/- TBS has given us one more reason to pick them without giving a second thought. Sometimes the fragrance of roses can be a headache, but since this shower gel is mild it doesn’t create a problem. I have 8 more TBS shower gels, which are waiting to be reviewed. Keep an eye! Hope this review helped 🙂 Have a great day ahead 🙂

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