tattva by shabia walia

Hello Pretty Ladies 🙂 , today I am introducing you with “Tattva” a brand that makes natural products with no inclusion of harmful chemicals. Keep reading to know more about them and their products-

About Tattva- Tattva as the name means, stands for truth and essence. The company believes in capturing the essence of nature in its products in an honest manner without clouding it with harmful chemicals. All products are handcrafted, eco friendly and made with ingredients sourced from nature to the best of our abilities. We pride on being cruelty free, natural and free of SLS/SLES & Parabens.

I received one handmade soap and these 3 miniatures, keep reading to know how I found them 🙂 –

1. Tattva Refreshing Jasmine Peach Soap-ReviewwaliTattvaReview001Price- INR 150/- for 100 gm

About- A Natural handmade soap with the fragrance of jasmine and peach. Extremely moisturising, it’s a good soap for all those who love floral fragrances.ReviewwaliTattvaReview002My Experience- OMG! Where should I start from? 😛 Okay!! I will start with the fragrance first 😀 . Even when this was packed in a shrink wrap the fragrance could easily be smelled. While this was placed in my cupboard (without opening), every time I opened the door the refreshing aroma of the soap gave me an instant charge! And that doesn’t end here. Even my family members asked me where this pleasant smell is coming from? 😀 I was so so excited to give this a try and find out more about the soap 🙂 . This is a two-toned glycerine based soap which is very gentle on skin. It didn’t cause itching or irritation. It creates good milky foam and cleans skin effectively. The in-shower feeling it gives is just awesome. I find the fragrance and looks pretty similar to Vaadi Saffron soap I don’t know why 😀 . This is a natural soap that is completely free from harsh chemicals, the only bad I could find is that it melts pretty fast.ReviewwaliTattvaReview0032. Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash-

Price- INR 375/- for 210 mlReviewwaliTattvaReview004About- This fragrant body wash will add the freshness of rose petals to your everyday bath. The honey and rose combination works wonderfully to give you a clean yet non drying shower each day. Keep smelling like a rose long after you step out of your bath.

My Experience- This face & body wash is said to be suitable for all skin types. It’s light pinkish in color and has a very pacifying rose fragrance. The fragrance is not overpowering at all and reminds me of rose based perfumes I used to spray on my handkerchiefs during school 😀 . I tried it with loofah and without loofah and it worked well either way, but I if I am to suggest I will surely suggest you to do ahead with the loofah option as it helps me optimally use the product. It creates rich lather and gently cleanses skin. It’s easy to wash off and leaves skin fresh and smooth. I have used it on face and it does a great job. The only sad part is that the fragrance doesn’t linger for more than an hour on skin but that’s nothing to be really worried about. It can go well without moisturization in summers, but in winters you can’t skip that. This body wash makes my shower time happy 🙂 .

 3. Ginger Lime (SLES Free) Extra Conditioning Shampoo-

Price- INR 425/- for 210 mlReviewwaliTattvaReview005About- Tattva Ginger Lime Extra Conditioning SLES Free Shampoos is made with raw and active plant ingredients that strengthen, protect and moisturize hair to leave it soft and full of body. Bhringraj, neem, reetha and other ayurveda herbs are expertly blended to help regenerate hair, protect it against environmental influences and stimulate circulation in the scalp. The gentle purifying shampoo with citrus lime, mint & 100% vegan ingredients, refreshes and invigorates both hair and scalp. It combines shine-enhancing shikakai powder and hydrating aloevera with lemon juice to tighten the hair shafts and provide manageability. Camphor and ginger give the formula an energizing feel that leaves scalp cool & hair smelling fresh.

My Experience- It’s orangish in color and has quite runny consistency. Its fragrance is very likeable, it’s a blend of ginger and lime however ginger dominates the latter. It doesn’t contain SLES and parabens. Being an SLES-free shampoo I expected it to create less lather while washing my hair and scalp but I was truly surprised as it proved me wrong and a small amount of this conditioning shampoo was good enough for my shoulder length hair. It lathers well both ways- directly and after diluting. It gave me a cooling sensation as I applied it on my scalp and I really loved it. I have never used a shampoo that gives such kinda feeling to scalp. It was very easy to rinse off, it left my scalp and hair leaving no residue behind. It doesn’t make my hair or scalp dry. I didn’t use any conditioners post shampooing but still my hair looked shiny and manageable.

4. Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion-

Price- INR 475/- for 210 mlReviewwaliTattvaReview006About- This wonderful smelling body lotion has the goodness of almond and saffron or badam-kesar as we know it. It keeps the body moisturised while the vitamin E in almonds keeps skin young and supple. An all year moisturiser this one’s light to use without being greasy.

My Experience- This is a very sweet smelling body lotion, I find the fragrance very pleasing.  The consistency is just perfect, neither thick nor runny. It’s very light, spreads easily and gets absorbed by skin quickly; I use it on damp skin so that it works better. It makes my skin soft and supple and doesn’t give any greasy or sticky feeling which many body lotions do. The moisture it gives stays on my skin for 8+ hours, post which I need re-application.

That is what I have to say about Tattva products, I love their products for being natural cruelty free, eco friendly and free from harmful chemicals 🙂 .

Have you tried out this skincare brand? Do share what you have to say about this post in the comment section, I love reading your comments. 🙂


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