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vanilla cake muffin

Winkies Centre Filled Vanilla Muffin Review

Being a big fan of Winkies, I couldn’t miss trying out their Centre-filled muffins which are widely available and I am pretty sure you’ll find them lying in your grocery store shelf. They are basically available in 2 flavors- Chocolate and Vanilla. Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate muffins have already been reviewed on the blog, check …

winkies centre filled chocolate muffin

Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate Muffin Review

It’s time for a food post again! People eat to live, I live to eat 😉 Oops! What I’ve just confessed? 😛 I love being carefree, and I love having everything that fancies me. I have a great liking for sweet tasting foods and muffins top the list! They are small dose of happiness and …