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5 Best Tablet Cases and Covers For 2019

In a tech world, where life becomes unimaginable without these life saver gadgets, we know the importance they hold. Keeping gadgets off our touch for even an hour in particular makes us feel we are missing something terribly. Isn’t it enough to prove that we are addicted to them for their quality of making tasks …


My Tosave.com Shopping Haul + Review

Shopping is the best therapy! It lifts up a person’s mood quickly when compared to getting indulged into other activities. The easy availability of goods and services online has put me in the “Comfort buying” zone 😛 . I don’t enjoy store shopping as much as I used to in the past, the deals provided …

india gift portal

The Joy Of Personalized Gifting with IGP.com

Before I start, let me admit- I love giving (and receiving too 😛 ) presents to people around and I am not someone who’d wait for a specific occasion to gift something to a close one. If I like something, I just buy it for friends and family without giving a second thought. It was …

beautiful dress

Gorgeous Dresses For Flower Girls

Picking the right dress for an occasion is something which looks easy and fun but isn’t in real, don’t you think the same? Let me admit, I always have tough time planning my outfit because it isn’t always possible to find the right outfit in budget. If something falls in budget it doesn’t really look up to …

shopping and tourism
Guest Post

Fashion Shopping Tips and Choosing Storage Units

Shopping for a fashionable wardrobe no longer has to be a daunting task. An important aspect of shopping for clothes effectively is to avoid shopping at the last minute. Some people make the mistake of neglecting their wardrobes until their clothes are virtually falling apart or nothing seems to fit properly anymore. 1. Shop Regularly- You …

envy box

My Envy Box August 2015- “India Mon Amour” Review

Heya! I have been very busy in the past few days and just couldn’t manage to make any update on the blog. But But But.. I am back to my blogging routine and I’ll try to make posts as frequently as possible, so keep an eye for that! 😛 Okay! So a comeback from a pretty …


Online Shopping Experience: Nykaa.com

Shopping is one of the best things in a girl’s life, doesn’t matter if we are happy or sad, it is something that can bring joy in our life and shoo away boredom in just few seconds. Agree? With the evolution in technology there are many companies in market that are working hard to give …