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elle 18 juicy lip balm
Beauty Lip Products

Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm “Juicy Red”- Price and Review

Some prefer matte, some prefer gloss.. I proudly admit I sail in both the boats 😉 and the choice between the two totally depends upon my mood and the outfit I am going to wear. You all must have heard of these budget lip-balms from Elle18, haven’t you? I am gonna review one out of …

eeshha herbal strawberry lip balm
Beauty Lip Products

Eeshha Herbal Strawberry Lip Balm- Price and Review

Hello Lovely People, I am back with another lip-balm review. I hope it makes you understand how much I love to hoard them and use them of course! 😀 I am currently using a strawberry lip-balm from Eeshha Herbal and I have to review the same, I have previously reviewed their Licorice and papaya Face …

maybelline electro pop pink shock
Beauty Lip Products

Maybelline Electro pop “Pink Shock”- Price and Review

You might be thinking that I am from some other world as I am reviewing the Electro pop lip-balms instead of the newly launched Baby Lips Spiced Up :D.  I have already got 2 for myself from the new range of Baby Lips but my immense love for these electro cuties made me write their …

lakme lip love lip care strawberry
Beauty Lip Products

Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Strawberry- Price and Review

Hola Beauties! My love for lip-balms is never-ending, no matter how many of them I already have in my kitty! 😛 I like both tinted and non-tinted lip-balms. I picked one lip-balm from lakme, and today I am gonna review the same i.e. Lakme lip love lip care in strawberry. Read on to know my experience-Price- …

fuschia lip balm
Beauty Lip Products

Fuschia Cherry Caramel & Chocobutter lipbalm- Price & Review

Hello Everyone! This post was ready few days back but got delayed due to a disease called “procrastination.”  Yes you read it right, it’s no less than a disease, you become a victim of it and then forget to get back on the track. 😀 Well jokes apart! Today’s review is going to be on …

Beauty Hair and Skin Products

Brand Introduction: Fuschia by VKare

Hello People! Hope you had a good start to the week. 🙂 Today’s post will be about an introduction to the brand FUSCHIA by Vkare. If you read my posts, you would be knowing it well that I recently confessed my love for herbal products in one of the blog post as I love them …

lotus herbals fruity lip balm
Beauty Lip Products

Lotus Herbals Fruity Fusion Lip Balm- Price and Review

Hello Beautiful ! Are you the one who sticks to one lipbalm until you finish it off or you are a lip-balm hoarder like me, who believes in stocking up more and more of them? I think I can literally kill for lipbalms, Be it summers or be it winters for me a LIP-BALM is …