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Iraya lemongrass soap
Bath and Body Beauty

Iraya Lemongrass Soap- Review

I love Iraya! Their products have fared really nice on me in the past and that’s what makes me love them even more. I use chemical based products but the feeling and results of using natural products is totally different. If you know, I have already reviewed Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub, Iraya Nutrifying Skin …

iraya fruit and nut scrub
Beauty Face Products

Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub- Price and Review

February marks the beginning of  “the month of love” ! A month which almost everybody plans way-in-advance and crazily wait for. I am not sure if the vibes of love and positivity are in the name of this month or pre-set in the mind 😛 . Well, who cares? I can feel the vibes already!!! …

iraya almond skin cream
Beauty Face Products

Iraya Almond Nutrifying Skin Food- Price and Review

I had few Iraya products lying unopened in my stash which I bought on a whim, it was this diwali season when I opened first product out of them which is “Iraya Almond nutrifying skin food”. The name of the product intrigued me very much. Skin food or food for skin, how awesome does that …