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Iraya lemongrass soap
Bath and Body Beauty

Iraya Lemongrass Soap- Review

I love Iraya! Their products have fared really nice on me in the past and that’s what makes me love them even more. I use chemical based products but the feeling and results of using natural products is totally different. If you know, I have already reviewed Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub, Iraya Nutrifying Skin …

iraya orange soap
Bath and Body Beauty

Iraya Orange Soap- Price and Review

I love natural handmade soaps to the moon and back for their gentleness and mix of natural ingredients. What could be as good as having a relaxing bath time with chemical free soaps? This review on Iraya Orange soap is long due, I have been planning to put this since past 5-6 months and it’s …

keya handmade soap
Bath and Body Beauty

Handmade soaps by “Keya Bath & Body Works”

Heya beautiful! I am sure you feel it too that the best way to beat summers apart from having fruits and summer drinks is definitely by increasing the shower count. I can stay in bathroom for really long until mommy starts shouting (that describes my situation the right way). No matter it’s the summer season …

fuschia orange peel soap
Bath and Body Beauty

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap- Price and Review

Hello! I am truly madly deeply in love with handmade soaps, and I am back with a soap review. Guess what? It’s Fuschia again 🙂 . I have already reviewed their Cucumber detox soap on the blog few months back. Today I am reviewing Fuschia Orange peel handmade soap, keep reading to know more-Price- INR …