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Ethicare Remedies- The one that brings you closer to yourself

Hey girls! Hope you are doing great, I am writing about Ethicare today. I have already reviewed their products on my blog including Lipz Moisturizer, Vizigly+ soap, Hydrofil lotion, Hydrofil cream and Hydromax cream. I love the fact that their products are rich in texture and go deep inside the skin to provide the much

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion- Price and Review

Hola Beauties! Winters have reduced their intensity and it’s quite relaxing these days here in Rajasthan. In day time, there are no chilly winds but at night it gets really tough. Meanwhile, what suffers is my skin! I am always on a lookout of trying something new for my skin keeping it healthy amidst seasonal

Ethicare Hydromax Cream- Price and Review

No matter how many skincare products I pick for myself every few days, I find them less 😛 and the thirst never gets over. Today, I am reviewing another skincare product from the house of Ethicare Remedies which is “Hydromax cream” for hydrating feel, keep reading to know more about it 🙂 –Price- INR 199/-

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Cream- Price and Review

Hello girls, I have reviewed a lot of body lotions on the blog already, it’s time for a cream review. So, today I am reviewing Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient cream for hydrating feel, keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –About- Hydrofil cream is a specially formulated moisturizer cream with excellent spread ability, which helps

Ethicare Lip Moisturiser “Lipz”- Price and Review

Have you ever been embarrassed about dry flaky lips? Usage of lip-balm is a must-do-thing in case of flaky and chapped lips which help making them look healthy and soft. Winters are that time of the year when we need extra dose of moisture to keep our skin moisturized and gorgeous looking. Today I am
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