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ethicare hydrofil lotion
Bath and Body Beauty

Ethicare Hydrofil Emollient Lotion- Price and Review

Hola Beauties! Winters have reduced their intensity and it’s quite relaxing these days here in Rajasthan. In day time, there are no chilly winds but at night it gets really tough. Meanwhile, what suffers is my skin! I am always on a lookout of trying something new for my skin keeping it healthy amidst seasonal …

iraya almond skin cream
Beauty Face Products

Iraya Almond Nutrifying Skin Food- Price and Review

I had few Iraya products lying unopened in my stash which I bought on a whim, it was this diwali season when I opened first product out of them which is “Iraya Almond nutrifying skin food”. The name of the product intrigued me very much. Skin food or food for skin, how awesome does that …