sure women dry shield free spirit

Having sweaty armpits is a common problem and it makes people hate summers. No matter how sophisticated you are and how good you look having your shirt/top drenched in sweat is nothing to be proud about 😛 . Today I am gonna review “Sure Dry Shield” which claims to control underarm sweat and make you feel fresh and sweat-free all day, read on to know more-ReviewwaliSureDryShield001Price- INR 80/- for 40 mlReviewwaliSureDryShield002How to use- After bathing, apply 4-6 swipes per underarm to form a white dry shield which will become invisible as you get protected. Let product dry, then wear clothes. Use every day. Do not apply to broken skin, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.ReviewwaliSureDryShield004My take on Sure Dry Shield “Free Spirit”- Let me clarify it first, I don’t get much sweat on my underarms and my review is solely based on my experience. I used it for the first time during my college as its repetitive advertisements were being showed and one of my friends recommended it. The packaging you can see is made up of plastic. It comes at a very reasonable price, so even college-goers can afford it easily. The fragrance is very mild and refreshing.  ReviewwaliSureDryShield003It’s my summer staple, I apply it every day post bath. I swipe it all over my underarm for like 4 times and it dispense whitish liquid on the skin, which dries up in few seconds and vanishes off. Post application, I don’t sweat at all 🙂 and there is no bad odour coming out of armpits which is a plus point. Yay!! 🙂 . ReviewwaliSureDryShield005Applying this doesn’t mean you can ignore using other fragrances because the smell is not that powerful to keep you fresh all day. It’s very good at keeping armpits sweat-free but for body you need to reply upon something else. I am not a fan of roll-on antiperspirants, but this one surely is a good thing to buy and use on a daily basis. It burns a little (just a little) when I apply it on my freshly waxed underarms but as skin heals itself it’s good to apply again.ReviewwaliSureDryShield006What I like about Sure Dry Shield “Free Spirit”-

  1. Handy packaging
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Refreshing fragrance
  4. Doesn’t contain alcohol
  5. Shields armpits and prevents sweat
  6. Keeps me fresh all day

What I don’t like about Sure Dry Shield “Free Spirit”-

  1. Gives burning sensation for few seconds on freshly waxed armpits
  2. Gets over quickly