scarf in hand and brown leather purse

Hello, gorgeous! We know how the scarf is an inseparable part of your wardrobe. Jeans, Kurti, Palazzo, Skirt and what not! It goes well with anything and everything. Style your scarf in these simple and super stylish ways we bring you and rediscover your style quotient.

1. Scarf As A Wristband- Yes! A scarf looks equally good around your wrist as around your neck. Team up a blue scarf (tied around wrist) with a white top and distressed denims!2. Scarf As An Anklet- Run out of accessories cool enough to adore your ankles? Scarf is your savior! Tie a scarf as an Anklet with capris or ankle length denim and set new style goals!
3. Scarf As A Belt- Add funk to your styling with this style. Replace your belt with a floral scarf. It is sure to go well with denim dresses, skirts and jeans.4. The Side Knot- That’s smart. That’s elegant. Wrap around the scarf around your neck in a turtle style. With both the ends left tie a small smart front side knot. Voila! You’re done. Save this simple style for all your semi formal/ formal winter evenings.5. Scarf As A Shrug- That’s possible! Hold the scarf lengthwise. Fold in half and tie two top corners together. Tie (or pin) top center to two corners. And your new shrug is ready to be worn. 6. Scarf For A Colorful Braid- Add a pinch of fun to your daily braid by pouring in the colors of your scarf. Fold your scarf diagonally to form a triangle. Bring the middle corner of the newly formed triangle to the center with a small fold. This gives you a scarf folded into a long band. Take the band and wrap over your head. The two tails on sides can be braided along with your hair.Hope you enjoy styling your scarf in these ways. What is your favorite way of styling your scarf? Share with us in the comments section below.