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Smokey eye makeup is one of the most makeup application styles that girls use for night parties, and special events. Nowadays, you see a lot of color combination of smokey eyes and lips.


Here, I will be explaining you the whole procedure of attaining grey smokey eyes and pink lips in a simple step by step process 🙂 –


Step 1: To begin it you have to buff in some foundation into your skin to even it out.

Step 2: Take your eyeshadow primer/ eyeshadow base and apply it using your fingers all over the lid.

Step 3: For grey smokey eye makeup apply the grey shade into the crease and upper crease area with the fluffy blending brush. Blend it really well and keep adding shade until you achieve the desired depth.

Step 4: Take purplish grey eye shadow and apply it all over the lid, firstly apply it at the outer part of the lid and work it towards the inner part and blend it with a clean blending brush.

Step 5: To define your lids further, apply dark grey eye shadow just on the outer part of the lids keep blending as you go.

Step 6: Take the white matte eye shadow and highlight the brow bone.

Step 7: Create smokey liner with the eyeliner pencil.

Step 8: Smudge the liner with a smudger brush.

Step 9: Apply black eye shadow over the smokey liner, smoke it out also apply some of it on the outer part of the lid. Blend it with the clean blending brush.

Step 10: Define your lower lash line with the same smudgy brush and outline it with the black eye shadow.

Step 11: Apply black eyeliner pencil on the waterline but only on the outer part. You can also apply false eyelashes if you wish.

Step 12: Now start on your lips. Use nice pink shade lip liner on the whole of your lips.

Step 13: Tone the lip shade down with the liquid lipstick that dries the matte color. Only apply it in the centre of upper and lower lip, using a brush blend it out in the lip liner pretty well. This will look like umber 🙂 .8cea27e01e4fd48f44831076e8a67efe

If you feel that lipstick is bit dark, you can cool it down a bit with a lighter pink shade. Use Concealer to highlight underneath the eyes and blend it really well with the brush. Apply blush and highlight it on the highest point of cheekbones. That’s all! There you have it, a perfect combination of grey smokey eyes and pink lips. Come on girls try it out! 🙂


Guest Post by Jennifer Kurtz

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