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With winters already knocking your doors, many of you must be experiencing dry scaly skin. It’s time you show some love to your skin without even stepping out. We have brought you some home remedies to fight the dry skin this winter.1. Glycerine Be Your BAE! – Let glycerine be a part of your daily routine. Coat a layer of glycerine all over your body (and not just face) after you have taken bath. Glycerine not only locks the moisture in your skin but also forms a protective layer to prevent drying out.

2. Olive Oil Love – Bedtime massage with olive oil can be a blessing to your skin in winters. Massages are good as they increase blood circulation in your body. Olive oil deeply nourishes your skin and heals the dryness. Olive oil, combined with egg yolk can also be used in the form of a pack.

3. Masking With Honey – Prepare a mask with honey, gramflour, sour cream (malai) and make a paste like consistency. Apply all over your face, keep it for 20 minutes and wash off. See your skin moisturised and glowing. One can also use curd in place of sour cream in the pack preparation. If you already have a dry skin type, then you can add little olive oil/ almond oil while preparing the pack.

4. Scrub To Exfoliate – In winters, your skin tends to form a dry scaly layer. It is very important to get rid of this dry skin. You may use simple and effective homemade winter scrub as follows. In a bowl mix sugar and coconut oil. Mix well. Now with the help of your finger tips apply and rub (gently) this scrub all over your face and neck. Massage for not more than two minutes. Rinse off. Do not forget to apply moisturiser/ cream after you are done exfoliating. To avoid tanning, do not step under sun for at least six hours of exfoliation done. The scrub can be used for any part of your body including lips, feet, elbow etc. If you want to keep your privates to  appear healthy and fresh in winters too, check the post here.

5. Ahoy Aloe! – Aloe vera combined with almond oil and milk cream can be used as a face mask to prevent dryness in winters. Combine the ingredients to make a smooth paste. Apply all over your face and neck while avoiding contact with eyes. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse off. This can be done once a week to cease loss of skin moisture.

Winters are definitely not “cool” for the skin. Take care of your skin with the home remedies mentioned. Also keep Vaseline handy for instant hydration to your skin/ lips anytime anywhere!

Happy Winters!

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