shewee reusable female urination device

I am sure all you lovely ladies reading this post must have stucked in a situation where you were feeling like peeing and were about to burst your bladder almost but even then couldn’t pee as there was no apt place for doing the “job” 😛 . I literally envy boys for being blessed with something we don’t have 😛 just because they can pee anytime without being concerned about where they are peeing. Having suffered urine infection during my college days and feeling that burning sensation down there, I feared to pee during those dreadful days. As soon as I recovered I took swear not to use public toilets until and unless I am dying with pressure 😛 . I have to do a lot of travelling every month, and travelling exposes me to unhygienic toilets and sometimes there are no toilets on the go at all which totally turns out to be a scary condition as sitting anywhere and peeing is just not the right thing if you believe in maintaining hygiene of the private area. Recently I came across this wonderful invention by Shewee which is the perfect answer to all our toilet dilemmas, today I will be sharing my views on Shewee Extreme Reusable Female Urination Device which gives female the freedom to stand and pee like a man 😀 , sounds bit weird but exciting too, isn’t it? Read on to know more 🙂 –ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview001Price- INR 1045/- , You can buy it hereReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview002About- Everyone’s heard of a Shewee, they have taken the world by storm! Every lady owns one, and if you don’t yet now’s the time to grab one! The original Shewee has had a revamp, and is now better than ever. If you’ve never heard of a Shewee, they are a urinating device that allows women to urinate discreetly without removing clothes, or sitting down. They are ideal for long walks, where a toilet is not available. The new, updated Shewee, now includes a funnel, extension pipe, and a case, to discreetly store your Shewee. The extension pipe is an extra length pipe that easily fits onto your Shewee funnel, this is particularly useful if you wearing bulky clothing, or enjoying Winter sports. Shewee is re-usable, take it everywhere!ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview003How to use-
1. If you are wearing bulky clothing, attach the extension pipe to your shewee.
2. Undo trousers, push underwear to one side. Place Shewee gently against body with outlet pipe directed away from      body.
3. Aim urine away from feet, into a toilet or container.
4. When finished, pull funnel away and wipe. Liquid repellent surface ensures no drips.
5. Replace Shewee and extensions pipe back into its case.ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview004 (2)My take on Shewee Extreme Reusable Female Urination Device- Shewee female urination device comes in 6 attractive colors including black, white, pink, purple, blue and green. Pink one was the most appealing one for me as it was on a very girly end (Have I admitted it before that I have a super soft corner for anything that’s pink 😉 ) I researched a little before using Shewee for myself and got to know that the one I am reviewing (Shewee extreme) is the new version of the original Shewee which was just a funnel. The addition of carry case and extension pipe is surely a wonderful thought. 🙂ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview008ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview006Shewee is very easy to use, all you have to do is to learn how to place the funnel properly. The funnel has to be placed in a way that the pointed end goes at the back and touches the body however the other end has to be few millimetres away so that you can see the urine going inside it. It doesn’t require rigorous practise, try it with any tap at home to know how it works so that you don’t wet your pants or skin while you’re using it with clothes on!

The material used for making Shewee device is liquid repellent which ensures there is no urine content left on it, post usage you can securely keep the funnel and extension pipe inside the carry case provided (washing it before putting back is totally your choice). The extension pipe adds extra length to Shewee funnel and it’s for those days when you are wearing bulky clothes and using only funnel might fall short and create spillage, if you are wearing something that is bulky make sure you fix the extension pipe to the exit end of the funnel and hold the pipe away to prevent leakage.ReviewwaliSheweeDeviceReview009 (2)Shewee can serve as an excellent device for pregnant ladies who are supposed to take care of themselves during those 9 months of pregnancy. It can also be used by females who are injured and can’t squat or sit.

What I like about Shewee Extreme Reusable Female Urination Device-

  1. Hygienic
  2. Affordable
  3. Reusable
  4. Easy to use
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Can be easily carried in bag
  7. A savior for females in tough times
  8. Good for those who avoid public toilets
  9. Extension pipe can be added to prevent spillage
  10. Can be used by pregnant and injured ladies too

What I don’t like about Shewee Extreme Reusable Female Urination Device-

There’s no such thing.

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