sebamed soothing massage oil for kids

Hello, mommies! So after reviewing SebaMed Baby Cream here, I am back with another Seba Med product which is Seba Med Massage Oil. Ok, before I go any further let me discuss the baby massage and its effect on babies. Doctors may not advise massaging your baby for the fact that their veins are too delicate to stand a massage. But a massage given with a gentle touch of your loving hands should only do good to your little bundle of joy. Massaging relax your baby in the right areas with the right amount of pressure and help them have a sound sleep (much needed for their healthy growth). It increases their blood circulation, relieves gastric trouble, develops a neurological system and the pressure points in feet give a relief from the teething pain.

Choosing the right massage oil for your little munchkin always remains a million dollar question. To be honest, no oil is fit for all. Each baby is unique and so is their naive delicate skin. So you may gradually learn what’s best for your baby. My baby responded well to Sebamed products hence I picked Sebamed Massage Oil for him. I started using the oil since he was just 15 days old and I am using it till today when he’s 9 months old. Here’s how it fared 🙂 –Price- INR 450 for 150 ml

About- Gentle care and protection of baby’s sensitive skin. Emollient with 95% natural Soya Oils. High content of formula with Vitamin F, a Soya Oil compound, ensures high skin tolerability.

My Take on Sebamed Soothing Baby Massage Oil- It comes in a cute blue and white colored cylindrical container with a pump lid. Yes, that eases its administration while your little one plays around during the massage. It also helps pump out just the right quantity to avoid any losses. The lock system in the lid ensures secured carrying and placing. It has soothing and softening effect on your little one’s skin. It is made of 95% natural soya oils. It has a high content of Vitamin F, which is a soya oil compound which helps you strengthen your baby. You are sure to love the smell this oil lingers around your baby! 😍 The oil is non-greasy and hence doesn’t leave your hands sticky after the massage. The oil being emollient protects the tender skin of your baby. Pump out sufficient quantity of oil on your palm. Rub it between both your palms to give it the warmth of your love and care and massage all over the little body. Do not apply on or near eyes as the label claims! If you are new to the massage thing then fret not! The package comes with a complete massage guide to help you gear up.Seba Med Massage Oil works well even for sensitive skin, dry skin, delicate skin or a combination of all of that. Massaging your baby twice a day: once before bathing him in the morning and once before bedtime promotes his growth in all the good ways. My baby loves a bedtime massage as it relaxes him after a full day’s job of crawling around.

Share with us massage stories of your babies and which massage oil do you use for your little one here in the comments section below. Come back soon for more!

Happy mommyhood! 🙂