revlon face wash touch and glow

Hello ladies, today I am going to talk about my recent purchase- Revlon Touch And Glow Advanced Fairness Facewash. I love trying new products every now and then. I happened to visit a beauty store the other day and this facewash caught my attention. I thought of giving it a try. Read on to find out how did I find it-Price- Rs 200/- for 100gm

About- Infused with botanical extract of “Soapwort” which gently removes dirt, oil & impurities from the skin, leaving it sparkling clean. Contains botanical extract of “Bearberry” which helps to lighten the complexion. Enriched with Vitamins E, C & B5 that moisturises the skin, leaving it soft & supple. Contains Witch Hazel extract, a mild astringent, which helps to reduce the size of pores.Ingredients- Water, stearic acid, Myristic acid, Potassium hydroxide, methanolamine, 1,3 propanidiol, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Dimethycone, Soapwort Extract, Fragrance, Methyl Paraben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium EDTA, Propyl Paraben, Witch hazel Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bearberry Extract, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.


How to use- Wet the face and neck with clean water. Massage over the face and neck using light circular motions. Rinse off with clean water and pat skin dry.My Take on  Revlon Touch And Glow Advanced Fairness Facewash- The face wash comes in a white opaque tube packaging with a pink flip open cap. It is quite sturdy and travel-friendly. The facewash is creamy white in color and has a thin to medium consistency. The fragrance is ok kind, neither strong nor mild. It is more of a synthetic fragrance with nothing great in particular. A tiny amount is enough and lathers very well. This tube will, therefore, last you long. I picked up this face wash as the ingredients and product claims looked interesting to me.On my first usage itself, I realized that the claim for sparkling skin is true as it left my face clean in first go with a tiny amount of product. I also found the claim for soft and supple skin false as my skin felt stretched and required an immediate application for moisturizer. I have combination skin so my T-zone wasn’t affected much but my cheeks felt dry. After using it for a month I can safely say it does nothing to lighten your complexion and trust me most fairness products fail to do anything significant to lighten your skin tone. Your genes have already blessed you with your beautiful skin color so just embrace it with love. You will notice an instant fairness or brightening effect after using it but it will fade away soon. So, fairness claims are temporary and not permanent. Lastly, I do not have open pores so I could not see any tightening effect on pores. So, all in all, it was an ok kind of experience for me and I am not repurchasing it. It could have a different effect on various skin types. You can try it for yourself and share your experiences in the comment section with me.Pros-

  • Affordable
  • Lathers well
  • Lasts long
  • Leaves skin squeaky clean
  • Gives instant fairness
  • Very tiny amount required for each use


  • Leaves your skin dry and stretched
  • There is no lasting fairness