“Rain”! Is the word not enough to make you merry? No matter how gloomy my day has been, the tiny droplets hit the earth and my mood alleviates within seconds. It simply feels like the earth is taking a shower and getting an all new and fresh look, the beauty of Mother Nature doubles up during the rainy season. The fresh smell of mud after the rainfall is an experience all of us long for. It becomes an absolute delight to watch kids play football in the rainfall. Many of us double up that memorable experience by sipping a cup of tea.

But wait! What about your own protection during rains so that water doesn’t seep in and make you wet? Umbrellas are there but using them might not give you total protection. Raincoats are more useful, give better protection and make a superior choice. To know why they are better as compared to umbrellas, scroll away as I have listed their advantages-

1. Easy to use-

A raincoat is easy to pull off! Holding an umbrella can tire out your arm, while with a raincoat on you can roam around carelessly. Also, if you are a biker I think I need not mention how convenient Raincoats for men are for you. You can opt for a hooded one so that your head stays dry even when it’s raining heavily. Stylish jackets also add style quotient to your overall personality.

2. Better Cover-

While umbrellas keep you covered from the head, they often fail when the wind blows and rain falls at inclined angles. No umbrella can save you when it rains that way! You may end up getting drenched no matter how hard you try. Raincoats keep you protected from head to knee and give you a much better cover. Just zip it up and get ready to go.

3. Style Factor-

Jackets are runway approved! They don’t have to get you down. With stylish options available in the market you can literally weather any storm and rain while being at your fashionable best. You can opt for a good-looking reversible jacket that matches your fashion sense and keep you protected at the same time. Jackets from well-known brands are non-PVC and are considered to be waterproof up to 5000 mm.

4. Keeps your belongings safe and dry-

You shouldn’t underestimate a raincoat by its fancy looks, they are way too sturdy than what they look like. They have this additional feature of zippered pockets with flaps to ensure your money, mobile phone and other valuables are safe and dry. Isn’t that what you wish when it pours?

5. Slightly expensive but worth it-

Rain jackets may seem expensive at first but they are more of an investment for the long run. If you pick a good quality jacket, it will last you for years to come. Durability guaranteed! There are many rain jackets that can be used by men & women so you can share the same with your partner as well.

Rain jackets are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. They are designed with adjustable cuffs, sealed seams for complete waterproofing and are breathable to provide comfort and protection to the body when it rains. Not only for men but there are also stylish and protective Raincoat for women too. You can opt for a rain jacket or a long raincoat as per your requirement.