plum grape seed face mask

People with oily skin curse themselves for the unending sebum secretion and people with dry skin like mine are tired putting moisturizers to the dry desert they have got. Everyday we are exposed to pollution and dirt and thus caring for skin demands a good regime which includes application of face pack/mask once a week doesn’t matter what your skin type is. Today, I am reviewing Plum Goodness “Grape seed & sea buckthorn renaissance face mask” which I have been using for the past few weeks, read on to know more-ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask001Price- INR 425/- for 75 gmReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask006About- Once or twice a week, you should treat your face to gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing and detox. And wouldn’t it be great if you could also feed some nourishment to your skin while it renews itself? That’s precisely the idea behind Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Renaissance Face Mask.ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask004Features-
Kaolin & bentonite clays- for natural cleansing & exfoliation
Grape seed oil – rich in polyphenols (anti-oxidants), Vitamins D, C, E, flavonoids and essential fatty acids
Sea buckthorn oil – heals skin damage naturally without skin irritation. One of the best natural antioxidants known

Ingredients-ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask005How to use- Wash face and neck with gentle face wash. Pat dry with soft towel. Apply a thin, uniform layer of mask on to face and neck. Wait for 30 mins, or until the mask dries. Rinse with water and apply a gentle moisturizer to lock in the nutrients

Please note: You are likely to experience a slight tingling sensation on your skin for the first few minutes after application – this is entirely normal for bentonite clay masks as they get to work removing the grime and dead cells from your skin.

Plum is one such brand that gives 1% of its sales back to the planet by giving it to non profit organisations working for environmental protection.
ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask003My Take on Plum Goodness Renaissance Face Mask- This face mask comes in a white colored carton packaging with lots of information regarding product and ingredients. I am glad the outer packaging clearly mentions they say no to parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA, and PABA, which is like a boon to people who run after paraben & chemical free products.ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask008ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask007Inside the carton lies the face mask tube which is white in color and has a transparent flip cap which is very tightly fitted to the tube making it a can-easily-be-carried-during-travelling product. This mask smells nice and is light brown in color with white micro-beads which burst as you run your fingers spreading it on the face. It is a clay based mask which hardens on application but still easy to wash off. The consistency is pretty thin as compared to the other masks I have tried. The back of the tube contains features and ingredients of the mask.ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask009+I apply this after cleaning my face followed by scrub (don’t know why it makes me feel the mask will work better that way 😛 ). I apply thin layer of it all over my face and neck, it gives tingling sensation for the first minutes after which it starts reducing, I am glad Plum clearly mentions we might experience it on application. The mask dries off completely in 20 minutes, so I splash some water on face, rub it a little and wash off, it clears off perfectly with no residues left. After washing I can easily feel softness and smoothness on my face, my face gets hydrated using it but let me mention you can’t skip moisturizer after this if you have dry skin. I use this mask once a week, sometimes twice also and I am satisfied with it to a great extent.ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask0011ReviewwaliPlumRenaissanceFaceMask0012What I like about Plum Goodness Renaissance Face Mask-

  1. Travel friendly
  2. Simply beautiful packaging
  3. No parabens and phthalates
  4. They do not test on animals
  5. Hydrates well
  6. Gives me soft and smooth skin
  7. Contains grape seed oil and Sea buckthorn oil
  8. Contains Kaolin and bentonite clays
  9. Infused with Vitamins and Flavonoids

What I don’t like about Plum Goodness Renaissance Face Mask-

  1. Bit pricey
  2. Wish they had physical stores as their stuff is available online only.

I am quite sure you would have heard the name of this brand as its pretty popular, have you tried any product from their range? Do share with me in the comments below. 🙂


*PR Sample, honest review