pears blue soap

“PEARS” a brand I have been hearing of since ages, my mommy swears by this brand. Their TV ads manages to melt heart of everybody watching them. Soft-gentle care is the first thing that comes in my mind when I think about PEARS. Their original(I am talking about the orange one) glycerin soap would have definitely been used by all at so-me point in life for sure. They have these 2 other variants- Pears Oil Clear & Glow(Green) and Pears Soft & Fresh(Blue).Ā This blogpost is about the review of “Pears Soft and Fresh Soap” , keep reading to know my experience šŸ™‚ –reviewwalipearsblue001Price- INR 36/- for 75gmreviewwalipearsblue003About- Pears soft and fresh soap is a multi-purpose soap that cleans your skin and keeps it supple all the time. True to its name, the soap gives you a soft and fresh skin instantly.Its active ingredients moisturize your skin from deep within and keeps it looking clean and the pure glycerin and mint extracts give it an instant cool freshness. Give yourself a refreshing shower every day. (As taken from Amazon)reviewwalipearsblue002My Take onĀ Pears Soft and Fresh Soap-Ā One thing I love about Pears is that they are still stuck with same packaging, revamping is good but I believe that classic packaging looks more authentic and promising. This soap comes in white coloured cardboard packaging with product details written on back and sides. It’s available in 2 sizes- 75 gm and 125 gm, the one I have is the smaller one. The soap is blue in color (as can be seen šŸ˜› ) and PEARS is engraved in the centre.Ā It is enriched with glycerin and mint extracts, it gives coolingĀ sensation during bath. I prefer such kind of soaps during summers, they feel really good on skin during scorching heat as it helps in refreshing body Ā šŸ˜€ . It lathers up real quick and washes off effortlessly leaving my skin squeaky clean.reviewwalipearsblue004This soap doesn’t dry out my skin because of the presence of Glycerin (I used it during summers), but it might do that in winters to dry-skinned people. I like the mild fragrance of this soap, a good cooling shower usingĀ this soap after a hectic day-out would really freshen you up. The fragrance doesn’t linger on skin for long. Though Pears claims to be “Gentle and Pure” with their products, the ingredients list is not at all promising, it contains SLS. Pears Soft & Fresh Soap is a glycerin based soap, it melts away fast just like their other soaps.reviewwalipearsblue005Here’s a closer look-reviewwalipearsblue006Do you like pears? Have you tried Pears Soft & Fresh Soap?