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Today, I’ll be reviewing Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap which I bought along with Pears Soft and Fresh Soap. The latter one managed to fare good, keep reading to know how this one fared on me 🙂 –reviewwalipearsgreen001Price- INR 38/- for 75 gmreviewwalipearsgreen004About- Pears Oil Clear Soap with Lemon Extracts is the ideal product to stop worrying about oily skin and shine without excessively drying it out. The formula provides a gentle solution way for getting rid of oiliness and letting your complexion glow. The ‘Oil-Clear’ formula contains lemon flower extracts proven to have astringent properties that remove excess oil while Glycerine keeps the skin supple and hydrated. (As Taken from Nykaa)

reviewwalipearsgreen002Ingredients- reviewwalipearsgreen003My Take on Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap- This soap comes in white coloured cardboard packaging with product details written on back and sides. It claims to be very effective in clearing-off oil and dirt from skin and imparting a healthy glow. The soap is sea-green in color (as can be seen in picture below); It is semi-transparent, the name of brand is etched in centre of the soap. Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap comes with the goodness of glycerin and lemon flower extracts. I found the fragrance to be little weird, blame it on my nose 😛 . It takes some time to lather up nicely, but successfully clears off all traces of oil and dirt from body. It feels a little slippery on skin, but when washed off nicely the feeling goes away and it leaves skin squeaky clean. It doesn’t dry out skin as it contains glycerin, the lemon flower extracts present in this soap act as astringent and pull out excess oils from skin. The skin glow claim is nothing about making you fair-skinned, it’s obvious if excess oil will be pulled out of skin it will definitely look healthy and glowing.reviewwalipearsgreen005Though Pears claims to be “Gentle and Pure” with their products, the ingredients list is not at all promising, it contains alcohol, SLS and more. Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap is a glycerin based soap, it melts away fast just like their other soaps. I believe all oily-skinned people will feel good using it, they should really try it out, it might leave them impressed. Dry-skinned people may not find it good as it rips off moisture and oil from skin making it dry. For the price it comes, it’s definitely worth-trying for people with oily skin.

Take a closer look here-reviewwalipearsgreen006Have you tried Pears Oil Clear and Glow Soap?

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