parachute advanced body lotion butter smotth

Hi everyone! It’s too cold here, I wonder if winters have just re-knocked in Rajasthan or it’s same with other states as well. These days my saviour from such chilly weather is a heavy quilt 😀 . My skin is being challenged by weather conditions and I am trying my best to keep it well moisturized. Just few days back I posted my review on Nivea Oil-in-lotion Argan Nourish, and I am back with another review of a body lotion which is Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Coconut Butter. Keep reading to know more-ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth001Price- INR 75/- for 100mlReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth004About- Parachute Advansed Body Lotion has been crafted with a breakthrough formulation having 100% natural moisturisers working with a unique product action of penetrating skin and strengthening the skin barrier from within. At the same time, its light, non-sticky formulation is quickly absorbed by your skin – keeping it soft,smooth and irresistible to touch. A body lotion with rich creamy formulation that is enriched with coconut butter specially developed for harsh winters.ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth002ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth003Ingredients- ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth005My Take on is Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Coconut Butter- Well to be honest what made me try it apart from the brand name was the shape of the bottle it comes in! Do you also have the tendency of opting for products that comes in cute packaging? 😀 The shape of the bottle is like that of a women’s figure 😛 . The bottle is light brown in color as you can see in the pictures also and has a very small flip cap which shuts tightly with the sound of a click making it spill-proof. I heard quite a lot about the parachute body lotion from one of my dear friend (about the other variants) but I opted for this one thinking it might be different from others and also for the “butter smooth” formula mention on the pack. While I bought it, I had a thought that I am buying a cocoa butter body lotion but as I came home and read the ingredients list there was no mention of cocoa butter 😀 .ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth006It comes at a very affordable price tag. It’s off-white in color and has thick texture which spreads and gets into skin easily without leaving an oily cast on top of skin. The fragrance is quite soothing to nose, nothing over-powering kind of!  The rich and creamy formula it has, keeps my skin well moisturized for whole day during winters. Re-application might be required during super peak winters, otherwise one time usage does the job.ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth007This lotion can’t be a choice for summers due to its moisturizing properties. This small sized bottle is very handy and I it can be found lying in my handbag as I go out 😛 , for those times when I need to layer up myself with moisture. This body lotion is suitable for rough and dry skin and I am glad it really satisfies the thirst of my moisture-craving skin.ReviewwaliParachuteButterSmooth008Sad part is that it contains parabens. The claims are that it contains 100% natural moisturizers, but that doesn’t mean it’s paraben free.