paper boat chilli guava gift box

When I hear or read the word “Paperboat”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the first glimpse of paperboat drinks and how I felt the first time I saw it. I was on a casual grocery shopping and it was lying in an open display refrigerator along with tetra packs of several juices (let’s not name it but you know what I am talking about, right 😛 ). The packaging was so very noteworthy that I just couldn’t take my eyes off. I have tried almost every damn variant I could find here and golgappe ka paani and jaljeera one has made me their fan 🙂 .

Last month was one very busy month for me, had to finish up a lot of things and attend few family functions. When I came home I just had no clue that such impressive surprise was eagerly waiting for me at home; as I opened the Paperboat’s “Box of Memories”, all I could smell was the fragrance of ripe guavas which re-freshened the memories of my hometown where we used to witness guavas growing up and turning ripe so that we could pluck them up 😉 .ReviewwaliPaperboat004Paperboat drinks has added one more gem called “Chilli Guava” to their wonderful range to make us relive those after-school-snack memories of running to the “Guava seller” and asking them to fill more masala and chilly powder to make it taste even more better 😉 .  ReviewwaliPaperboat002Price- INR 30 for 250 ml

Functional benefits of chilli guava- Of all post-school snacks we’d squander our wealth (heh) on, Ma would object the least to the Maths question paper-wrapped guava/amrood/go-vaa (hey, we all pronounced it like this at some point). Guavas have four times the Vitamin C that Oranges do. That means, they’re four times better at boosting immunity. Oranges might as well seek training under Guavas. And while they’re at it, they might as well also learn how to be excellent at balancing the body’s Sodium and Potassium levels, treating tummy and tooth problems, busting stress, being good for the eyes and great for the skin — and maybe how to rock a PPT too. Guava has enough iron that it could go to the gym and take a selfie even before stretching exercises. And it’s not all brawn – it’s also good for blood circulation to the brain, and is quite literally food for thought. So the next time you’re out of ideas, grab a chilli guava. And don’t forget to thank us in your speech.ReviewwaliPaperboat005ReviewwaliPaperboat006These drinks are gluten-free, preservative-free and have no added colors. Make sure you put them in the refrigerator for a good long time before you sip them away to enjoy the drink at its best. I have found a new way of making the most of this variant by putting it inside the freezer and eating it up with a spoon like a frozen-icy thing. Pure BLISS, I must say 🙂 !!!ReviewwaliPaperboat003I have poured it in a glass to show you the color of it, I hope you can see those tiny chilly flakes and black pepper also 😉 .ReviewwaliPaperboat007Now that a lot of us have moved to good cities from our hometowns and in this hustle bustle we don’t get time to cherish those good old things, such drinks helps us recollect those memories. Undoubtedly, this drink has gotten really close to my heart as with this I can savour the chatpata taste of guavas with masala and chilly sprinkled on top. With this drink by paperboat you’ll not only beat the heat but also relive those after-school memories that were covered by the dusty layer of time. Not just this, Paperboat has a wide array of drinks that are sure to link you up to your precious childhood memories. With paperboat drinks getting famous all over the country, I am sure you must have tried at least one variant of it. Since guavas are a seasonal fruit, with these handy packs one can enjoy them all year round 🙂 .ReviewwaliPaperboat001Have you tried this variant? If not, don’t you dare to give it a miss! And heyy, come back and thank me later okay! 😛


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