oriflame hairx cc cream hair care

Frizzy, dull, unmanageable hair is something that worries us all. There may be many causes of dull and rough hair. From chemical to environmental to hormonal factors, there are just so many of them! I had beautiful long shiny tresses only till I delivered my baby. And then there were hormones working on my body and my hair! But they didn’t work in my favor, clearly. And I ended up with frizzy hair. I started looking for masks, serums, shampoos, etc. Anything that could work for me. And then I bumped into this product by Oriflame. Oriflame HairX CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier by Oriflame is a leave-in-cream. It claims to nourish your hair straight from the root. So, I used this product and here’s how it worked on me šŸ™‚ –Price- INR 799/- for 150 ml

About-Ā 10-in-1 leave-in spray cream for instantly beautiful, healthy-looking hair. Can be used on towel-dry hair before styling, or on dry hair anytime. With Omega Complex and 6-Gingerol. The soothing and purifying benefits of 6-GINGEROL help to maintain a healthy scalp resulting in beautifully nourished hair.

How to apply-Ā When you have washed your hair, just pat dry them. Once towel dried, apply the cream evenly on your scalp and hair till tip. This can be applied to blow-dried hair as well. But I would recommend to apply it on towel dry hair. You will feel your hair smelling good and tamed neatly.My Take onĀ Oriflame HairX CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier-Ā There can be no questions raised to the products packaged by Oriflame. They are easy to handle and store. HairX CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier comes packed in a pump bottle. Which implies that it is extremely easy to use. The colors used in the packaging are the patent ā€œHairXā€ range colors which are black, white, grey and blue. The grey pump spray head helps to give controlledĀ amount with each pump. The cap covering the pump head checks any accidental oozing of the product.The HairX CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier is a leave-in hair cream.Ā  The minute I took out some cream on my palm I fell for the lovely fragrance it lingers! šŸ˜ The product smells amazingly good. So you can be sure of your hair smelling nice all day! It is light white cream and spreads evenly all around. You can take it on your palm and then apply or can directly spray in your scalp and hair. Direct spraying would ensure even distribution of it. IĀ like the product for making my hair manageable and frizz free. But like I mentioned earlier, my hair was not in an extremely bad condition. To which this product seemed to be helpful. It not just tamed my hair but also added shine and lustre to them. I use this product once a week after washing my hair. I also use it when it’s party time for me and I don’t want my hair to look frizzy. A thumbs up for me!Oriflame HairX CC Cream Hair Care BeautifierĀ can be easily fetched from any online shopping site at much lesser cost.Ā Tell us what you think of it if you’ve used it already. And if not, I hope the review helps! šŸ™‚