oriflame hairx restore therapy shampoo

Hey, I am Back with another Sweden cosmetic review, Oriflame Hair X Restore Therapy shampoo for damaged hair. Pollution, dirt and frequent change in water has done much harm to my once-luscious long hair. My hair has a tendency to dry out soon giving them a lifeless damaged appearance. I am using this Shampoo currently, and here’s how it fared 🙂 –Price- INR 329 for 250 ml.

About- Restore damaged hair with this shampoo. Cleanses your hair without stripping it of moisture, leaving it nourished and protected.
-Protects from combing damage
-Leaves hair feeling revitalized, hydrated and healthy
-Helps to reduce further breakage Take on Oriflame Hair X Restore Therapy Shampoo- The shampoo comes in a smart white and black fluted bottle packaging. The white creamy textured shampoo saves the brittle ends of your hair which are the vital and early signs of damage. Take some shampoo (sufficient to your hair length) and apply on wet hair. Produce lather and rinse off. For a length like mine (my hair touch my lower waistline), the use of shampoo twice a week shows effective results. Hair X Restore Therapy Shampoo cleans hair without stripping it of moisture, helping make damaged hair look and feel nourished, healthy and shiny.It deeply nourishes the scalp, strengthens the roots and fine structure of the hair. Which means the root, scalp and the length of your hair to the tip are taken care of giving you complete hair care. The hydration eases combing of the hair minimizing the hair breakage and hair fall.The argan oil in the shampoo protects dry and brittle hair by restoring their natural moisture. Whereas 6-gingerol protects the scalp with its anti oxidant properties. This makes the hair shinier and more lustrous. The revitalized hair feels soft and frizz free making them more tamed and organized.

The shampoo can be given a try for if you have dull and damaged hair. I use it with Hair X Restore Therapy Conditioner and Hair X Therapy Hair Serum (on wet tips of my hair after Hairwash) for ultimate results. And yes it works well for my hair. Not all Oriflame products are good but this one turned out well for me. Hair X Restore Therapy shampoo (I use it with conditioner) is creamy and thick and hence locks the moisture in my hair giving them life. The daily shampoo gives shine and hydrated look to my hair.Tell us which shampoo takes care of your luscious locks in the comments section below 🙂 .