jenith lens 3 color

Eye-color is a beauty factor, agree? Being a brown-eyed person, I have always been fond of blue eyes as they look very fresh and lively (The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it 😛 ? ). I am envious of people having colored eyes and wish I had eyes like them, so that I could flaunt a stylish look. Recently, I got a chance to try colored contact lenses from Olens India which is a south-korean brand and I picked up the color Blue which I always wanted, to add a little more drama to my eyes. Keep reading to know more about it 🙂 –ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue001Price- INR 1690/-ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue005Disposal Validity- 6 months
Diameter : 14.0 mm
G.Diameter : 13.4 mmReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue003ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue004About- ‘O-Lens’ is the premium cosmetic contact lens brand that creates unlimited eye-styling with unique & various designs of color contact lens. O-lens itself is the world first & best eye-beauty trend creator for those who wants to be “different me”. Our design center located in South Korea is specialized in creating the most attractive design, luxurious packages and eye-catching contents which makes us world best color contact lens brand.

Once you meet O-lens, you will see beyond beauty that you haven’t experienced so far.In terms of lens quality; we do develop & apply the most advanced & latest manufacturing technology of contact lens to provide safe contact lens for customers.ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue002My Take on Olens Jenith 3 Color Contact Lens “Blue”- It comes in light pink colored cardboard packaging which looks very cute. The back of the packaging has got the required information about these lenses. Inside came two blister packs containing lenses and a simple plastic lens case came along with it. Let me tell you one thing very clearly, I haven’t used contact lenses in my life before and this is my first ever experience with them. I don’t have anything to compare it with, but I think it’s the first experience that counts, so let’s get into it. ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue006You can customize them as per your eye power for no extra cost while placing your order, which means you get double benefit out of it. I have the regular colored contact lenses in Jenith 3 color blue. Although, I struggled a little in terms of lens application (as I was doing it for first time) but once I mastered the art with few usages, it became a really easy-peasy task! I have heard and also read people saying contact lenses dry their eyes and causes irritation, turn them red or make them swollen at times, but honestly! I never had any such experience with Olens India lenses. It never blurred my vision nor gave any odd feeling of something tickling inside my eyes, I felt very comfortable wearing them. I can wear them easily for 5-6 hours without experiencing any discomfort in eye. Love how they make me stand out of the crowd and give me a natural looking appearance 🙂 .

Tips- It’s always advisable to wash hands and dry them thoroughly to keep lenses and eyes healthy as germs might transfer from them to eyes and cause you eye problems. And yes! Make sure you are using them yourself and not sharing with others to avoid infection.

Here’s a closeup on how this looks on me-ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue007ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue008

Andddd!! Here are my before and after pictures 🙂 –ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue009ReviewwaliOlensJenith3Blue0010
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