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Happy women’s day to every lovely lady out there 🙂 , hope you are having a great day so far. inernational-womens-day-cartoon

Our favourite online beauty shopping destination NYKAA has something or the other to keep us engaged, be it an offer or new brand launch on their portal 😀 . You might be knowing that they launched their own range of Nail Enamels in 3 categories i.e. Pop, Pastel and Shimmer few months back, and guess what? They’re back with a bang! Today, they have introduced their The Bath and Body Experience range “NBBE” with 4 fresh fragrances for every mood out there. There are 3 products in each fragrance category- Fragrance Mist, Shower gel and Body Lotion which are priced at INR 700, INR 450 and INR 500 respectively. Keep reading to know more 🙂 –

1. “French Lavender”- For women who want it all- It’s all about the ying and the yang. On the advent of those never-ending Mondays what wouldn’t you give to be in a lush green garden, with a quiet stream to give you company. Unpack the stress and dive into the inviting embrace of our French Lavender which connects you to the tender quietness in the centre of your being. Indulge in the loving calmness of lavender that adds a subtle pop to your grey days, makes you smile a tad bit wider and allows you to chase your dreams along with the stars. Unwind with the soothing attention that our French Lavender Range lavishes upon you. Give those blues a serious dose of Zen!

Finding that Zen place can be a challenge with those long to-do lists, Babe, cut yourself some slack! Indulge in the calming scent of lavenders to relax and recharge.6tag-1239427745-1200754380063304007_1239427745

2. “Country Rose”- For women who rock all day and night- Loving yourself is no mean feat. Think about how the stars shine for you and how the wind makes the leaves dance as you walk your walk. Our Country Rose range is here to amp up your self-love to sky rocketing levels. Begin your day by immersing into the serenity and poise of the Country Rose that fine tunes the vibes of your spirit. Whoever you are, the rock-chic girl, the polka dot lover or the tree-hugging gypsy, celebrate your femininity with its rosy better half. Add on the happy factor as the delicate, effusive scent of rose soaks into your pores and makes you squiggle like a babe!

At the office, on the long ride to a meeting or at the club — you’ve got you’re A-game on. Your day may be no bed of roses but you’re gonna smell like it anyway!6tag-1239427745-1200674646545590358_1239427745

3. “Fresh Aqua”- For women who’d rather be mermaids- Once charmed by the ocean, there is no undoing the spell. The salty stickiness of the brine, the therapeutic churn and waddle of the waves, the chorus of the sea breeze that accentuates the rhythm of your spirit; our Fresh Aqua will let you dive into all this and more. Stop time in its tracks. Follow the callings of your heart and head out to embrace those turquoise waters. Listen not to the worries of the world. Rather submerge them within the frothiness of the ocean. Come Aqua girl, the waters await you!

Who doesn’t crave a relaxed day at the beach. Take a breather between the madness of your packed schedule Smell of the cool blue ocean. Yes, please!6tag-1239427745-1200712642141546516_1239427745

4. “Tropical Jasmine”- For women who find the silver lining- The happy space within you beckons your attention. Think refreshing, magical, drizzling mornings that make you want to curl up in bed and lose yourself in a book.Think calm, summery evenings where the waves of the sea stir to calm your spirit. Adopt the beauty of our Tropical Jasmine to help you feel centered and connected.Wake up to the sweet accents of our Tropical Jasmine Range that propel you to follow your heart.Submerge in the charisma of pure goodness as you allow your skin to recharge and unwind before storming out to conquer the world. Let the “moonlight of the grove” be your sanctioned vice. Fond memories of the monsoon, the greenery, and the rain on your face make you smile.Time-travel to your happy place with a hint of jasmine!6tag-1239427745-1200809254939454407_1239427745

Are you excited to give a try to these new Nykaa Launches ? 🙂