The true picture of Indian history, culture and tradition lies in Indian handicrafts, they are the perfect reflection of uniqueness and richness of cultural heritage of our country. Every state has something remarkable to offer, the beauty lies in the hands of artisans who work gracefully and put all their efforts in making these handicrafts with magical mastery. Every Indian knows how popular are lucknow’s Chikankari clothes, we never forget asking our relatives visiting Kashmir to get us Kashmiri shawls, the funky tribal vibes of Gujarat’s traditional attire is un-matchable, the handmade embroidered mojri (jutti) is something you can’t miss picking while in Jaipur.  The same way there are umpteen numbers of state specialities that are truly depicted in the form of their handicrafts. Today, I would like to talk about HandiKart which is a leading online handicraft seller in India which eases up the handicraft buying task for you. Now, you don’t have to travel from a city to another to hoard their famous handicrafts, you can buy them sitting at home in barely few seconds 🙂 .

They have several categories to choose from, in case you are on a lookout for something specific you can simply select it from “Category” tab and click on it. In case you are looking for handicrafts to put in specific rooms, you can choose that from their “Home Decor” tab and make choices to give your house a heavenly look. And lastly, if you are particularly looking for some handmade state artefacts you can find them under “Artisan States” tab 🙂 .

HandiKart is like a dream come true for Handicraft lovers, they can hoard traditional eco-friendly handicrafts at a great price. While checking out their website there were few products that caught my eye, so I prepared a wishlist for the same. I would love to share it with you 🙂 –

1. Plant Shower-hk-icgr-008

To me gardening looks boring, but this ‘watering can’  can make it interesting. I mean look at the design, what a refreshing change from boring cans which are aesthetically bad. You can place these in balconies and they would add up to the grace of your own little gardening place 🙂 .

2. MultiColour Blue Pottery Jar-hk-mbjh-043

Blue Pottery- the traditional craft of Jaipur,Rajasthan makes a great gifting option. The blue dye used in making blue potteries make them look extremely eye-catching. I loved this Multicolour blue pottery jar as it can be used to store anything I would prefer keeping food though 😛  and enhance the look of my kitchen 🙂 .

3. Terracotta Small lantern-hk-tcp-035

This Green and Red colored Terracotta lamp makes a great decor idea for living area. The color combination used in this lamp is one of my favourite, it can’t go unnoticed in any way. You’re sure to be praised for your choice of picking these 🙂 .

4. Buddha Thinking Statue-hk-bsdd-023

This Buddha figurine in meditating posture can be kept in study room or puja room, this can be gifted to friends or family members on several ocassions as they are believed to bring prosperity. One can choose to keep it in showcase too, it would look very appealing that way also 🙂 .

5. Warli pot


My love for tribal print is un-ending, I own a kurti and top of similar print. When I saw this flower vase on HandiKart, I couldn’t stop my eyes from adoring it for few minutes. This can be kept in bedroom or living area, it’s sure to add elegance and freshness to the room 🙂 .

Have you heard of HandiKart? Do you like the items in my wishlist?

BTW!! It’s my first post of 2017, Happy new year people! Wishing you a great year ahead. 🙂