my envy box

I know.. I know its October already and this month’s envy boxes are soon to be processed even then I am reviewing previous month’s box 😛 . I got this box in the mid of September but I was outside when it was delivered. It was really hard for me to hold on my excitement being away from home where my envy box was, as soon as I reached home I ran to my closet to see what all I got, read on to know if September month’s envy box was worthy of my excitement 🙂

For those of you who have no idea about what My Envy Box is and how it works here’s a brief- My Envy box is a monthly subscription, each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products. When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from their website.

September My Envy Box was Silver in colour and as always had a magnetic closure. I love these boxes to organize my stuff. Here’s how this month’s My Envy box looked like-ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept001ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept002ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept004ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept003You can have a look at what all I got in September 2015 My Envy Box here-ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept0051. Za total hydration fresh foamy cleanser- Za is a well known brand and this particular product was a winner of Vogue Beauty Awards 2015. The packaging it came in made me think that there will be a good sized product inside but this is tiniest thing I received this month :D, the sample size is just 5gm. The full sized product is priced at INR 299/- . This cleanser is very reasonable; I wish they included at least a deluxe sized sample of it.ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept007ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept0082. David Off Cool water Gentle Shower Breeze- I love David off cool water EDT and have repurchased it multiple times, I haven’t used this shower gel from them before So I got spark in my eyes seeing this as a part of my Envy Box. It’s a deluxe sized sample which is whopping 75ml. The full sized product costs INR 1800/- for 150ml. I love how it smells but haven’t used it yet as I am currently using my TBS shower gel. I will start using this soon and will update you with the review. 🙂ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept0063. Catrice Ultimate colour lip colour- A girl like me can never say no to lipstick, I have lots of them and I don’t mind adding more to my Lipstick collection. There are 2 ranges of Catrice lipsticks that were being sent to envy box subscribers i.e. Silver and black packaging. I got the Black one which is Ultimate colour range. I really love the packaging, it looks very classy to me. The shade I got is “PINKERBELL” which is a bright pink color, it’s highly pigmented and glides well. 🙂ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept0094. Vana Green tea shampoo- This one again is a deluxe sized sample of 40ml from Vana Vidhi. This bottle of the shampoo reads it’s paraben free, sulphate free and 100% vegan. I sniffed it and didn’t like the fragrance honestly, however the ingredients list sounds impressive.ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxSept0010I wish I got something else in place of Vana green tea shampoo as I saw many reviews where people got Estee Lauder samples and LYN nail enamels.

Overall, This was an average envy box for me. I don’t have anything extremely good to say about this, my box contained 1 full sized product, 2 deluxe sized samples, and very small sample. Its October and it’s My envy box’s 2nd anniversary this month, I hope we get extremely good stuff in this month’s box 😉 .