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Previous month’s My Envy Box was “bang for the buck” ! My obsession with the stuff I got last month was not over yet and it’s the time for the all new November My Envy Box :-). Yayy!! 😀 . Getting an email from MEB team about shipment is so relaxing but exciting at the very moment, a feeling only a subscriber can understand :D. I was out of the home when this was delivered, and it was truly a surprise as I was expecting it to reach 1 or 2 days later, glad it came early 😉 . This month’s My Envy box is in color Pistachio Green, I love how innovative they get with their boxes every month. I already have a couple of these boxes and they make wonderful organizers 😛ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember001For those who don’t know what My Envy Box is, here’s a brief-

My Envy box is a monthly subscription, each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products. When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from their website.

Price- INR 850/- per month

I didn’t get the leaflet that comes inside My Envy Box this month, So I truly have no idea about the price of stuff I have got 🙁

You can have a look at what all I got in November 2015 My Envy Box here-

1. System Professional Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir 2ml- This is a much-hyped product in haircare, I heard of this multiple times for the amazing shine and healthy look it gives to tresses. I got 2 vials of this elixir which are 2 ml each. I opened one vial, it has a good light fragrance and has a non sticky formula. I am really very excited to give this a try 🙂 .ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember002ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember0032. Chloe EDT sample- Perfume samples are always a big yes! This is 1.2 ml sized sample from the brand Chloe. It has a very refreshing fragrance of rose buds. I found it so amazing that I can sniff it for hours already 😀 People who prefer floral fragrances especially roses, are going to love this to the core 🙂 .ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember0043. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution samples- If you remember my post on Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelle solution that I published 3-4 days back you would be knowing how BIG FAN I am of this product 🙂 . I hardly had 15-20ml left in the bottle and I am overjoyed to receive 3 sample units of it which are 10ml each, 30ml of it makes me super-glad!!! Time to refill my Bioderma micelle solution bottle 😛 .ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember0054. Dermaglow Instant Lip Gloss Plumper- The only Full-sized product!! I got this in shade “Raspberry Framboise” which is a pretty pink color. It contains shimmery particles, I am not a shimmer maniac but yes I love trying out such things occasionally. This is the only product I got with the Price tag, it’s priced at INR 2500/-  😀 . I haven’t heard of this brand honestly and have no clue how the gloss is gonna perform, but I am happy to get this over any other Natio product 🙂 however I feel the price written on the sticker is way too high!ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember0065. Shopnimai bracelet- And lastly I got a beaded bracelet with beige, orange and pink beads from Shopnimai which is a jewellery brand, I didn’t find it good, its not made up of good quality. The beads as you can see are lumpy at few places. I just Couldn’t find anything fancy about it, I am not even sure I would be wearing it even once.ReviewwaliMyEnvyBoxNovember007

Overall, in my My Envy Box this month there were 3 samples, 1 full-sized product and one lil gift i.e. bracelet. I am not really happy with what I have got, I have no complaints with the products chosen but the quantity they sent. I had better hopes because last 2-3 envy boxes were really good and included more of full sized products and deluxe sized samples. If I compare it to the previous boxes, there is a major difference. I am quite sure this month’s my envy box is going to let down a lot of MEB subscribers out there, its all filled with sample sized stuff. I was lucky enough to get the gloss tube otherwise I would have got a Natio sample like others.

I am already waiting for the December 2015 My Envy Box and hoping for better sized products this time:D .What are your thoughts on My Envy Box? Have you subscribed for November box? If yes then what products you got, Do share with me in the comments below 🙂