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I have a bad morning habit of reaching to my phone with teeny-weeny eyes, and today as I did so I was surprised to see that my December My Envy Box is out for delivery 😀 . It was just yesterday that I got an email confirmation from My Envy Box team about the box shipment for December month, I didn’t know I’ll get it today itself 😀 . This month’s My Envy box was designed to add up to the festive season and the box was really nice with mistletoe, snowman, chrtistmas bells, candycanes, Christmas tree etc. printed on it. The outer box is really very appealing this month, keep reading to know what I got in this month’s My Envy Box 🙂 –ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0012ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox002For those who don’t know what My Envy Box is, here’s a brief-

My Envy box is a monthly subscription, each month subscriber will get a box of samples of leading beauty products. When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from their website.

Price- INR 850/- per monthReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox003ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox004You can have a look at what all I got in December 2015 My Envy Box here 🙂 –ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0051. Catrice ultimate nail lacquer- This is the first product that caught my eye in this month’s My envy box. A beauty product is always welcomed with glowing eyes 😛 .This bottle is a fat version of Maybelline Colorshow nail enamel bottle 😛 and the one I have got is from their Limited edition “Hip-trip” range. The shade I have with me is “C05 Nude & Rude”, its a very gorgeous nude color with shimmer particles inside. I can already imagine myself wearing it a lot 😀 . Ita 10ml and came with a price tag of INR 445/-ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0072. Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner Waterproof- Yay! The second beauty product in the box. I think these are available in two variants, I am happy to have got the waterproof version (I get emotional real fast 😛 ) . This is black liquid eyeliner and comes with the name “Don’t move”. They call it ultra fine but I believe the brush is not as fine as the other liquid liners I have used in my life. I don’t think one can draw a super fine line using it, but yes! The formula is quick-drying and it dries up in few seconds only. It doesn’t smudge or budge, it is waterproof but if you rub it in water it will come off completely with no traces left. It’s 6 ml in quantity and the price mentioned on it is INR 660/-ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0083. O3+ Whitening Mask- I got a sample size of 10 ml of this whitening mask by O3+ which is quite popular for its skincare products and I think this one is from their professional range. This small tube can be used for 2 times; I wish they sent a deluxe sized sample of this because I cannot judge a full sized product purchase on just 2 applications 🙁 . Full-sized 50gm sample is priced at INR 775/-ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0094. Ananda Facial Moisturiser for Normal & Dry Skin- This is again a sample sized product of 10gm, I got the same sized sample of this in Fabbag few months back. I have dry skin and I need moisture every few hours but I hate the sticky feeling few moisturisers leaves me with. Infused with sandalwood and rose I really love the way how it smells, and goes totally non-sticky on skin 🙂 . Full sized tub of 50 gm costs INR 1350/- ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox00115. Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF30- This month again I have got Bioderma samples, last month they sent the micellar water samples which are pure-love 😀 ! This month I got 2 sample units of Bioderma photoderm AKN Mat SPF30 which is 5ml each. This is paraben-free and basically meant for combination & oily skin. Full-sized product of 40 ml costs INR 1400/-ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox0010November My Envy Box was a letdown for many including me as there were many sample sized units, but this month I am pretty happy with My Envy Box  as I have got 2 full sized products and 4 skincare sample units. Having got few extremely good My Envy Boxes I won’t call it ultimate but yes it was not bad or disappointing. I am happy with I what I have got.ReviewwaliDecemberEnvyBox006The new year is soon to begin and I am already waiting for the January 2016 My Envy Box. What are your thoughts on My Envy Box? Have you subscribed for December box? If yes then what products you got, Do share with me in the comments below 🙂 .