maybelline colorshow nail color remover

Hey, we have a new kid on the block! Maybelline never fails to amaze us with new launches coming every few days. I was head over heels when I got to know that Maybelline is coming up with nail color remover as they had makeup removers in their product range but not that. I purchased it last month through Habbana as it was not available or maybe OOS (I don’t remember what was the case in actual) at a beauty store here. Before wasting any more time, let’s get into the review to know how it actually fared 🙂 –ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover001ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover003Price- INR 100 for 30 ml

About- A new nail color remover from Maybelline New York with vitamin E.ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover004Directions-ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover005My Take on Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover- It comes in a glass bottle which looks simply square but it’s kinda oval as it has got curvy front and back (Forgive me for such poor description, I am annoying at times) 😛 . It comes secured with a plastic stopper which has good sized hole to let the liquid flow out; it has got a black colored screw cap which closed tightly and makes it spill-proof. When I say its spill proof I really mean it, I have thrown it inside my travel pouch a lot of times and surprisingly it never came out. It smells pretty good but that doesn’t completely hide the alcoholic fragrance nail enamel remover contains. It comes with the goodness of vitamin E which is good for nails 🙂 .ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover006ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover007Coming to its performance, it clears off nail enamel but not in one single swipe, you have to swipe it for 3 times at least to clean off every bit of color. For top coats with confettis and glitter based nail colors you have to act a bit more patiently as it vanish them off but, you need to put some extra efforts and time. It doesn’t leave white cast on nails and surrounded skin which some nail enamel removers do, also it doesn’t rip off shine from nails. After usage, my nails are all clean, nice-smelling and  shiny 🙂 . Even if you wash your hands twice, you can easily smell Maybelline nail color remover”s fragrance on your nails 🙂 .ReviewwaliMaybellineRemover002