Yawning in bed

Did you know that your favorite sleeping position can increase the number of wrinkles on your face? Even more, side sleepers can have more face and neck wrinkles on the side they sleep on because of the increased pressure. Not to mention that, if you sleep on your stomach, your whole face will have to suffer. The only position that brings all the benefits of a good night sleep for your face is on the back, but this is not that common among people everywhere.

However, the sleep position is not the only factor that adds to the number of wrinkles, there’s also the surface on which you’re sleeping. Both the pillow and the mattress can make your face more wrinkly so, if you’re on the search for a new bed, this aspect should be taken into consideration.

Why do We Get Wrinkles from Sleeping?

The problem is not the sleeping – after all, if we wouldn’t sleep, our skin will start to look pale and dehydrated. The problem is with the bedding, the pillow, and the type of mattress you own. The pillow casing is the first surface that gets in touch with your face during sleeping so you must make sure it’s always clean and smooth. If it’s not clean, your face will have to suffer because pores will become clogged leading to acne and even mini scars that can accentuate in time. Experts recommend getting a special pillow that will keep your head in one place and your face off the sheets or pillowcases. However, many people don’t really like the odd shape of this pillow so the next best thing is hygiene. It’s also important to choose a fabric that complements the skin, like silk. Silk has been used for beauty treatments since ancient times and we would be fools to not recognize its merits even in today’s day and age. So, if you don’t want any new wrinkles on your face, a fluffy pillow with a silk case should do the trick.

The Role of the Mattress-

While the pillow is the one that gets in direct contact with your face, the mattress is of equal importance. If you are a side sleeper and the mattress is designed to accommodate this position, you won’t have any problems with increased pressure on your neck and shoulders. This means that your facial skin will be free to breathe and you’ll wake up rested and wrinkle-free.

Since there are many people who favor sleeping on the side, it won’t be difficult to find a mattress designed to reduce pressure points for this position. Now, one of the best products for side sleepers in today’s’ market is the memory foam mattress and, the cool thing is, it can be delivered in an easy-to-manage box (read more here).

It also helps to get a silky mattress cover, to go with the pillowcase and the bedding. This way, your entire skin will be spoiled and cared for.

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