holistic lip care

No matter you are men or women, dry and flaky lips are an embarrassment 🙁 ! For winters I am extremely careful about lip care as lips get chapped easily. The harsh winter winds take a toll on our skin and rip-off the moisture, resulting in dry-itchy-flaky skin and lips. Chapped lips give lot of discomfort and pain, to get rid of them a heavy-duty lip care product is what we end up relying on. I am a lip-balm junkie; no matter what the season is, I can’t skip lip-balm for even a single day. So, that makes me try more and more of lip-balms. Today, I’ll be reviewing Matra Holistic Lip Care range which is 100% Natural and non-toxic, keep reading to know how it fared (Beware- Picture Heavy Post Ahead 😛 ) –

Price- INR 199/- each.  Available in 3 variants.

About- Matra is a Luxuriously Natural Skincare brand engaged in the development of pure, non-toxic and healthy skincare with international standards and a ritzy use experience. With our Revolutionary, Ethically Natural and Traditionally Modern Lip balm range, we seek to fulfill the holistic lip care needs of our consumers. Our unparalleled lip balms provide for a complete lip nourishment regimen resulting in the accomplishment of soft, supple and baby-like lips!!Strawberry Salve- Pamper your love for sweetness and soft lips with Matra’s delicious Strawberry flavoured Lip Balm. 100% natural, filled with the fresh and luscious essence of strawberries, the lip balm would not just soothe your lips but provide for a complete lip care solution.

Kissable Kiwi- Gorgeous and kissable lips are now just a lip balm away! With Matra’s irresistible Kiwi Lip Balm enjoy supple, well-nourished and baby-like lips.  Savour the stunning flavour of this luxury fruit in your daily lip care.

Vanilla Ice- Matra’s Vanilla Ice is the statement Lip Balm to please your lips in all seasons. With its sensuous mix of warm vanilla with cool mint, it will have its undeniable charm on your lips. Infused with Natural SPF and moisturizing properties, the intoxicating Vanilla Ice will soon become an addiction.


  • 100% natural and long stay
  • Moisturizes and soothes the lips.
  • Protects from sun rays, sun burns and UV rays.
  • Heals chapped lips and sores.
  • Retains lip color and helps regain rosy childlike lips.
  • Reduces inflammation and helps prevent infections.
  • Contains Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Super gentle on the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

My Take on Matra Holistic Lip Care- Matra Beauty Naturals lip balms are available in 3 variants- Strawberry Salve, Kissable Kiwi and Vanilla Ice. The names are quite interesting, they come in color-coded cardboard packaging as per the base ingredient. All the product related information is right there on the back of the pack. There is an open disclosure of the ingredients put into making these lip balms. The lip balm stick is colored but none of them leave any tint on lips. Matra Lip balms are FREE OF synthetic agents, parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols and phthalates. Matra is a CRUELTY-FREE brand, their products are never tested on animals 🙂 .


It comes infused with the goodness of Vitamin A, C and E which helps repair and protect. Coming to the performance, it glides like butter on lips and hydrate them instantly. I am swiping these lip balms on my lips everyday (multiple times) and they make my lips happy. I have totally forgotten what dry lips are! It’s an essential part of my night skincare regime, I put it on before sleeping and I can feel it on my lips in the morning as I get up. In day time, due to meals and talking, re-application is required after around 2 hours. It’s made up of 100% natural ingredients, so for skincare freaks this is a good option to include in lip-care. They have 3 fruity variants, so you can pick the one you love the most 😀 . My favorite of them all is Vanilla Ice, the mild fragrance is just so perfect for me! I wear it under my matte lipsticks and it prevents my lips from drying to a good extent.

There’s one thing I couldn’t find about this lipstick, the packaging reads out its infused with SPF but there is no mention about the factor anywhere else (Please correct me if I am wrong, I’ll get my eyes tested without any grudges 😛 ).I just felt like sharing one lipcare tip to all of you reading this- Don’t lick your lips when you feel they are lacking moisture, licking them will relieve you for sometime but in actual it’s drying out your lips even more. Better swipe over some lip-balm and let them get the moisture they require to heal up.

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