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We girls (mostly) love to wear makeup and don’t leave an opportunity to do so. It enhances our looks making us feel even prettier. Makeup surely is every girl’s best friend. Only if done right. One blunder and it goes all wrong! There are various examples of actresses where their makeup turned to a disaster.Here are 5 makeup disasters which you might be committing innocently. It’s time you are aware that it should be stopped right now!

1. Applying Primer/ BB Cream With Fingers- Shocked? This is one blunder we tend to commit on daily basis. Do we not apply dots of the primer/ BB Cream all over face and use fingertips to merge it? Believe it or not, but it leaves ugly marks on your face. Instead of giving a smooth touch to your skin, it leaves it patchy. Invest in a good makeup sponge.

2. Dab, Don’t Rub- Once you have bought your makeup sponge, you should be aware of how to use that either. Once you have decorated your face with the dots of your liquid base, dab it with your sponge. Dabbing is the only option. Do NOT rub. Just don’t!

3. All Shimmer Is No Gold- Adding a little shimmer or spark is good for a party night. But overdoing it is a big makeup blunder. Imagine your eyes done with shimmery shadows and lips sporting glitter. Doesn’t sound good, right? Keep a balance by focussing only on one feature of yours. Let the rest of your face be a minimal affair.

4. Making A Right Choice- It is very important that you choose the right shade of foundation/ makeup base for yourself. When you buy your base, match the shade with your neck and not face. It will help you get the right shade.

5. Neck, Ears And Back Are Equally Important-  Imagine your neck and face posing different shades. This is one blunder committed in our ignorance. Flaunt your back and collar bones by giving them the smoothness of same shade. Cover your neck and back with foundation base to give a smooth finished look.While you apply makeup take care of all hygiene factors. It is important to keep your brushes, sponge and other applicators clean. You may use a mild shampoo to clean them on regular basis.

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